Anti-Slip Glass- A Transaction Glass by Bear Glass

Anti-slip Glass

Non-slip acid-etched glass is an all-glass flooring solution, using no coatings, paints or appliques impressionable to chipping or flaking off. The slip resistant properties of non-slip glass are entirely derived through acid etching, whereby portions of the glass surface are removed to varying depths by a controlled process. The result is attractive and durable anti-slip surfaces, characterized by striking designs. The unique combination of opacity and translucency provides for full privacy, while still allowing for maximum circulation of light between floors.

Anti-slip glass is a transaction glass. Now it is used for mainly in corporate building. For glass flooring and glass stairs it can be used. Anti-Slip Glass Flooring is an impressive extra clear satin finish glass flooring solution with the option of a pattern grip that delivers modern and unique architecture for stairs and other flooring applications.

This is the first anti-slip flooring that achieves a smooth flawless finish and the Matt finish with the option of a pattern grip ensures it is a truly safe surface to walk on.

Bear Acid-etched Anti-slip Glass product. Multilevel acid-etching of the suction surface provides an impeding the natural flow of light. Anti-slip glass a flooring option introduces new architectural convenience allowing designers to play with color & light; defining space.

Anti-slip glass stairs


You can use it for both residential and commercial purpose. Like as :

  • Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops
  • Stages, stairs, landscape lobbies
  • Showcases, clubs
  • Road surface where need to be marked, such as airport, railway stations, sports center, super markets, museum, shopping malls, etc.
Anti-slip glass floor


  • Superior slip resistance
  • Consistent acid-etched finish
  • More durable than applied coatings
  • Superior resistance to surface contamination from dirt, oils, chemicals, liquids, food, etc.

Why choose Bear Glass?

Bear Glass is a full glass fabricator. We are one of the top anti-slip glass supplier in this country. We can provide you the best quality of products. Bear Glass gives you support after the project completed. You can install old fashioned floor and stairs from Bear Glass. We assure you that we will do our best. For your next project you can contact us.

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