Antique Mirror Glass Makes a Day Brighter


The antique mirror glass creates an authentic decorative retro effect on mirrors that extend design options for the interior. We stock different colors and patterns for antique mirror glass. We are proud of the quality and aesthetic of our antique mirror glass. We stock the largest sheets of distressed antique mirror glass patterns and we can […]

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Be An Interior Decorator of Your Own Interior Decoration

interior decoration

For people who have a curiosity about what decorators actually do for an interior decoration? For those people, we give a suggestion how they become an interior decorator of their own interiors. What do decorators do for interior decoration? Decorators always work with furniture, fabrics, accessories, and colors to pull together a room, your place […]

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Starfire Glass- Best For Interior Decor By Bear Glass

Starphire™ glass splashback

Starphire™ glass provides impressive light transmission and clarity that makes any application with special decorative or structural elements more bright and true. When true color and clarity count, Starfire glass is a natural choice. It can be used virtually anywhere that regular float glass can be used. For sparkling clarity and bright interior views, no other low iron glass […]

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Benefits of Acid Etched Glass In Interiors in NY, NJ, Brooklyn

Acid Etched Glass Door

Acid etched glass has been treated with acid to produce a matte surface finish on one, or both, of the surfaces of the glass. Because the surface of the glass has been chemically-created, the finish is extremely durable, and can not be washed or scratched off. Often, this is referred to as “fingerprint proof” or […]

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Queens And Brooklyn Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors are mirrors that look aged or distressed by years of use and exposure. Years ago, mirrors would deteriorate apace and infrequently produce this impact with the mirrors created in this time. Whereas you notice a mirror that comes by this impact naturally from the in, additional normally newer mirrors been achieved advisedly to attain a soft, cloudy pattern. Some use harsh chemicals or acids to strip a daily mirror and build the impact. Still, others apply paints and solvents to the rear of glass to […]

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