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Bear Glass Wish for All Of You And Your Family A Happy And Safe 4th of July ….

From everyone here at Bear Glass, we wish you all a Happy and Safe 4th of July holiday tomorrow, and we thank all of our nation’s troops, past & present, for defending our independence!

8 Ways – To Use Glass Into The Office

Today’s modern offices need to adapt to the modern work style. With workers more involved in collaboration, flex time, and remotely, …offices require designs that are unique to each corporate culture, while still allowing for what the future may bring. In our opinion, the main two design elements to always strive to maximize, is 1) space and 2) light. Each element influences the other in perception and attitude. If a space is designed with optimal working light, it feels more spacious and roomy. If a space is designed well to maximize its space, light flows more easily within it.  For our part, glass can be an important part of office design.

Here are  8 ways we’ve seen Bear Glass products used for smart office designs:

1)  Cabinetry

Regardless of the business, there’s always paperwork that needs to be stored away. Sales collateral, client files, samples and catalogues are greatly reduced thanks to the online world, but never going away completely. Using backpainted glass or acid etched glass are good ways to keep them hidden from view but still at top of mind.

Glass Cabinet: Paper Work Stored Away
Glass Cabinet: Paper Work Stored Away

2)  Office Dividers

For all the romanticism of open plan work spaces, some people actually work better with some amount of privacy. Glass office dividers offer light transmission and privacy without feeling closed off from the rest of the group.

office-partitions: work better with some amount of privacy
office-partitions: work better with some amount of privacy

3)  Branded Signage

Glass sparkles and dazzles. Nothing is more professional presentation of your brand than in glass.

4)  Desktops

Nothing brings an office together more than color, and a desktop surface made of glass is practical and can be that final element that turns a drab workspace into a glad workspace.

desktops: drab workspace into a glad workspace.
desktops: drab workspace into a glad workspace.

5)  Markerboards

Magnetized or not, these boards are non staining and even permanent markers can be cleaned off. So your top secret project can stay up for weeks or even months, and come off clean when the project is done.

top your secret project with -Glass Marker Boards
top your secret project with -Glass Marker Boards

6)  Breakrooms

Backsplashes and countertops of glass are easy to keep clean and are non-staining. They’re perfect for the breakrooms where commaraderie and celebrations end up happening, ….and cleanup needs to be simple.

7)  Reception Desks

regardless of the public served, the lobby desk needs to be easy to clean and keep clean, while adding a pop of color. Backpainted glass is a fantastic way to accomplish that. In our corporate lobby, for instance, we use “Linen”, …but it can be custom matched to any color specification very easily to be a part of the company brand.

glass reception desk-very easily to be a part of the company brand
glass reception desk-very easily to be a part of the company brand

8) Conference Tables

The large conference table is still important. Teams will always have to gather and discuss items “en masse” despite the cocooning trend.  But over the years, the requirements of these tables have become more like show pieces where future employees are interviewed, where vendors are brought in to discuss issues, where customers are woo-ed. This room featuring a big glass conference table is a real “wow” factor to help with those pitches.

Room featuring a big glass conference table is a real “wow” factor

Go Over The Top With Glass

Glass is one of the most beautiful materials that can be used for countertops. The pure, saturated color of back-painted glass adds a special effect to any room. In addition, it’s easy to clean, hygienic, and stain resistant.

Glass :A relatively new option in countertops
Glass :A relatively new option in countertops

Benefits of Counter Tops:

  • 1- They can revive an older, worn piece of furniture without refinishing or altering the piece in any way.
  • 2- A table topper can  protect wood furniture or table linens from moisture and stains  and clean up is a simple wipe.
  • 3- They instantly update or unify a design with color.
  • 4- They give all the beauty and practicality of a glass countertop, with an economical thinner piece of glass..
  • 5- They create instant function for uneven surfaces or impractical surfaces, by covering old doors or wood, or by topping metal pieces that can’t handle moisture.
Counter Tops: Add a Special Effect To Any Room
Counter Tops: Add a Special Effect To Any Room

Possibilities of Using Glass Countertop :

  1. KITCHENS: Imparticular can benefit from glass countertops for their practical benefits.
  2. SINK AREAS :Glass is great for sink areas where copious moisture is no problem for the low porosity of glass.
  3. DINING AREAS: A glass countertop dining surface attached to a kitchen islands make this casual space seem more special and define it with a distinctly custom look.
  4. ACCENT COUNTER: In this kitchen, the different surfacing materials showcase the different functions of this showroom kitchen.
  5. SMALL KITCHEN UNIT: This small working kitchen is big on style thanks to the glass countertop and matching glass backsplash.

Glass is a relatively new option in countertops. With a wide variety of decorative finishes and custom colors that can be applied to it, glass can certainly be an attractive option. But how does it stack up against other countertop materials?

Types Of Glass That Can Be Used In Counter Tops:

Back Painted Glass: With literally any color option, it lends a new possibility to the term “custom kitchen”. Glass is the only product on this list that can be color-specified to match and that’s pretty amazing when you think about it. No sealing is required and it will not stain. Dried on foods can be scraped off easily. It is ideal for dining/serving areas and in areas with high moisture such as wet bars or around sinks.

Laminated Glass: It has a huge array of colors and patterns, is lightweight and relatively easy to install. It is relatively resistant to stains, heat, and impacts as well. The thin layers show damage of nicks and cuts and can’t be repaired. Seaming and the edge lines tend to turn people off, although there are some newer versions that are pre-formed to feature no seams at the backsplash and waterfall edges.

Back Printed Glass: Back printed Glass is a wonderful material for countertops, desks and tables. Bear Glass back-printed glass allows you to have the surface in any color and a variety of design. Full fabrication on these surfaces includes tempering, holes, and edgework.

So which one is right for your project? It could be a variety of several. It might be Back Painted , Back Printed, Laminated Glass at the serving and eating areas. And hopefully, in your next counter top project.What sort of topper could you use? Consider them for practical spots that need to look new and clean easily in hotel, hospitality, food service and other environments. If you’ve got a question about table toppers, give us a call : 732-901-2626 / 718-832-3604

Magic of Backsplash In Your Kitchen

In today’s busy world, it takes everyone in the family helping to keep it on track and on schedule. We all have to pitch in, lend a hand, and pull our weight to keep things from getting frantic. You should expect the same thing from the hardworking surfaces in your home. Low maintenance surfaces that are easy to clean are a must. But is that enough?

There are various ways to use backsplashes in kitchen designs; antique, tiled, or crisp and clear, …mirror or glass is a versatile element that can add light and visually expand spaces. I’m loving how designers are embracing more mirror in the kitchen to solve the challenges of adding more light to task areas as well as helping busy cooks stay engaged with their family and guests while preparing a meal. It helps tie elements and people together in a way that only mirror can.

Backsplash Easy To Maintain And Clean
Backsplash Easy To Maintain And Clean

Back-painted glass, like Color Glass,  is definitely easy to maintain and clean. The lack of grout makes a surface that doesn’t absorb stains or mildew. The smooth surface allows any food or mess to be cleaned off easily. But glass does something other surfaces do not, it helps you stay on track and communicate better with your family, …really!

  • TO-DOs – You can write directly on glass with dry erase markers. The markers won’t stain or ghost, and the backsplash is a great place to jot down grocery lists so they’re easy for everyone in the family to see or amend.
  • REMINDERS – When back painted glass is used as cabinet inserts, you can write reminders at eye level, so every time you reach for the coffee or cereal it is front and centre.
  • CHECKLISTS – Glass is fantastic for recipes and checklists that can easily be erased or marked through as each step is completed. Wouldn’t it be a good way to have a board – so the kids can erase tasks themselves upon completion?
  • GRATITUDE – Who says it only has to be about tasks, chores, lists or “to-dos”? Back-painted glass can also be used for those little notes of support, gratitude and love that can mean the difference between an early start and a GREAT start to your day. And every family member can use more of that!
Beautiful Backsplash In Your World.
Beautiful Backsplash In Your World.

Have you used mirrors or glass in your kitchen? It’s worth considering a bit of backsplash magic in your next project.

Color Glass by Bear Glass is the perfect solution for backsplashes. Our back-painted glass is fully opaque, and time-tested for durability. It is also moisture proof, non-porous, and extremely hygienic. For the beauty of pure, saturated color on glass, …IN ANY COLOR, …it’s the ideal choice.

Contact us if you have a project – large or small – that would require the many benefits that  Backsplas by Bear Glass provides. We work with wonderful installers and distributors all across the country and would be happy to help you make the connection for a beautiful backsplash in your world.

Now Doing Hand Shape Beveling In NJ

Bear Glass is the fabricator of a wide variety of glass and of mirror products– including polishing, beveling,  painting, tempering, laminating, v grooving, water jut cutting, sandblasting– as well as fabricated tempered glass, and  Color Glass back-painted product for use in glass . We also provide quick service with delivery available. We are now doing hand shape beveling  as well as straight beveling in NJ. We Deliver to the tri-state areas 5 days a week, with 5 trucks on road daily. We also ship nationwide. We use cutting edge technology to service our customers, and we have the largest inventory for stock sheets. Even those hard to find types. We are always looking for new ways to be more productive. Whether its purchasing new machinery to provide new services or bringing in different lines of glass, we do it. We strive to keep our customers satisfied, and are always looking to make new ones. If you would like Please give us  a call on 718-832-360 / 732-901-2626 or drop us an email at

Mirroring Magic

Mirrors are part of your everyday life. We brush our teeth, shave, apply makeup, fix hair, …every day we use them as a part of our daily routine. Often, they are taken for granted instead of the marvel of modern manufacturing that they are. We make mirrors, but it’s really pretty amazing.

To care and clean a mirror with the tender love and care it deserves, you first need to know a little bit about how a mirror is put together in the first place. Mirrors are made by starting with an extraordinary piece of glass. Mirror-quality glass is a much higher quality of that used in windows. Some, like our “high-definition mirror” go a step further and are made with ultra-clear glass that uses Starfire glass – which is devoid of the greenish tint of most glass. Then, very delicate layers of metals are applied to the back of this high quality piece of glass.  –  including REAL silver and REAL copper – to give you a proper reflection from the front.

The delicate layers of a mirror

The metal layers are then protected with a special paint backing specially formulated not to harm these metal layers. The paint acts to protect the mirror while handling, fabricating, transporting and installing the mirror. Since the back is protected with paint, the edges of a mirror are where the metal layers become most vulnerable, so protecting them from moisture and chemical exposure is important to ensuring a mirror’s longevity.

Mirror Deserves The Tender Love And Care
Mirror Deserves The Tender Love And Care

3 Places Mirror Can Top

1) Bedside Table:

Adding to the light and airy feeling, mirrors make the space seem more relaxing and ethereal. In this room – which should be your sanctuary – adding a mirror table top makes perfect sense. It just begs for a beautiful book (or the one shown is another way to go), a lovely bloom, or a spa-scented candle, doesn’t it?

2) Console Table in Entry:

Entryways can be so dark due to the alcove nature, the lack of windows, and the dump of coats, papers and bookbags. (or is that just mine?) Adding more mirror to that space can help add to the light and open up the space visually. Added bonus, it’s so beautiful, you’ll want to keep it clutter-free.

3) Your Desktop:

Able to handle your cup of coffee and clean easily of fingerprints, a mirror desktop is both practical  and beautiful. It also seems to encourage me to keep it less piled with papers when the desktop itself is so lovely. So that’s always a mirror miracle.

Mirror Glamour & Practicality
Mirror Glamour & Practicality

Add A Touch Of Class to A Simple Bathroom With Beautiful Two Way Shower Doors

Beautiful shower door enclosures add a touch of class to a simple bathroom by anchoring the room and directing light. They not only serve functional and aesthetic purposes; they also increase the value of your home for resale purposes. No matter what your budget is, there is a wide variety of shower door glass available to fit your budget.

Two-way  shower doors are particularly suitable for those who have trouble stepping in and out of a shower. These shower doors move easily in and out of the shower area, and can easily be pulled backwards and forwards by grasping the handles. Using 2-way shower doors means that the water can be kept inside the shower area, while there is no problem with getting in and out of the shower yourself.

Beautiful Two Way Shower Door
Beautiful Two Way Shower Door

Advantages of two way  Shower Doors

  1. The biggest convenience that 2-way shower doors offer is that of saving space. These kinds of shower doors are popular in small apartments, and areas where there is not a lot of space for a traditional shower unit.
  2. 2-way shower doors can also be used as space-savers in holiday homes, where the space is very limited but people still enjoy a shower. The folding capacity of the door means that they can fit into the smallest bathroom without too much trouble, ensuring that they don’t hit any other bathroom accessories when being opened or closed.
  3. These kinds of shower doors can also be very useful to the disabled person, as the doors remain close at hand, and do not demand a lot of movement to open and close. Rather than the more common types of shower door, the fold in the middle means that the door handle can easily be grasped by someone standing by the shower. This is ideal for someone who can not stretch out, or move the body around a door closing from the inside. As they have a finite amount of movement, they can also be used safely to open and close, without the risk that they could be pushed too far, and leave openings in the shower threshold.
  4. For their size, 2-way shower doors are surprisingly economical. The benefits of installing folding doors, rather than unyielding doors, is that the former can be used in very tight spaces without having to rearrange bathrooms, while the latter requires a lot of bathroom remodeling in order to make the space necessary. The saving benefits of using a two-way door (rather than an solid one) are that you do not need to improve the whole of your bathroom to install a useful shower in a small bathroom. Many sellers now realize that buyers are attracted to these doors, and so they offer them at cheaper rates.

Bear Glass is the leading expert when it comes to design and installation of your shower doors. We offer a wide variety of shower doors to fit any budget. Whether you are looking for a standard framed shower door or a frameless custom enclosure, two way shower door the best combination of quality, price and service is available only from Bear Glass.

Shower doors are normally made of glass to help with passage of light and contribute to the openness of an otherwise small bathing space. Glass shower doors are available in different finishes. Almost all of frameless shower doors are custom made to fit the space.

A Better Choice In Mirror- High Definition Mirror

High-Def Mirror:

An important choice for where you need the truest white reflection“High-Definition Mirror” is what we call our low-iron mirror products. These mirrors offer brighter reflections, true colors, and sharper focus than ordinary mirrors.

High Def Mirror v. Ordinary Mirror –when  viewed from the edge

Ordinary mirrors are made with high-quality glass known as “mirror quality”. It features fewer imperfection and marks in the glass from the glass float supplier. However, it still has the greenish tint of ordinary glass. When reflections travel through that glass and return back to the human eye, they are affected by that greenish tint. Most of the people are so used to it that they don’t even realize, but the reflection we see in a mirror is slightly neutralized by a greenish cast, making the image more dull than reality.

However,  Our High-Definition Mirror provides mirror made with high-quality low-iron glass. We are one of the manufacturers and fabricator of this product in the United States, and we feel that with our years of expertise, we make it better than anyone in the continent.  Many people even don’t know that there is a higher-quality mirror available, they think a mirror is a mirror. But with Bear Glass  High-Definition Mirror there is a better choice in mirror available for those special, high-end projects where color and focus matters.

High-Quality Low-Iron Glass
High-Quality Low-Iron Glass

Features Of High-Definition Mirror are as follows:

  1. Brighter reflections
  2. Sharper focus
  3. Clearer images
  4. Better color
  5. Natural skin tones
  6. Whiter whites
High-Definition Mirror
High-Definition Mirror

So where to use  High-Definition Mirror?

High-Definition Mirror can be used wherever  color, skin tones, or clarity is important:

1. Hospitality:

Spas and Salons

2. Medical:

Dermatologists and Optometrists

3. Retail:

Bridal Shops, Jewellery Stores, Car Showrooms, and High End Retailers of all kinds

And of course, it’s important to use High-Definition Mirror anywhere the color of the surroundings and the inhabitants is important. For your next project, consider specifying Bear Glass High-Definition Mirror, because the reflection of your life should be an improved reality. With the ability to create the biggest, brightest mirror around.

Need to know more or see samples for yourself? Call Bear Glass, 718-832-3604 / 732-901-2626.

Put Safety First With Bear Glass Wire Glass

We often use the phrase “be careful” while handling glass materials for their tender behaviours. Once it is broken it will break into a thousand pieces of granular with sharp ends that can cause severe injuries. But relax; the wire glass has a number of metal wire that hold the glass from inside.

Wire glass is primarily made as fire resistant within thin wire mesh inlaid in the glass to prevent shattering and break out under pressure or when in high temperature.

It has a history of fire protection for more than 100 years.

Metal wires are often used in building projects to strengthen the whole infrastructure. Though it doesn’t happen same with the glass. The international building code has prohibited its use in hazardous places. So, Bear Glass has worked on it and made polished wire glass. Now a day it is common sight to use wire glass in hotels, schools, business organisations and many hazardous places. It’s an excellent way to partition the fire or heat. The wire inside prevents the falling out of the glass even if it is broken.

The fire rating of wire glass is 45 minutes in light sizes up to 9 square feet. Even it has undergone the fire hose stream or thermal shock test.

Moreover it is economically friendly comparing any other laminating glass.

Wire glass has a smart texture from inside that adds an extra beauty to the places where it has been used.

Why wire glass??

  1. Fire-proof safety:

Wired glass is suitable to be used as an efficient fire-proof material. Even wired glass is broken in the fire , the fragments will still connect with each other by the wire mesh, and not fall down, which prevent fire from spreading.

  1. Shock-resistant safety:

Even if the glass is broken, the tough interlayer wires prevents fragments from shattering.

  1. Translucent decoration:

Translucent and exquisite pattern outside, shining and regular mesh inside form its unique decorative property.

  1. Discoloration resistance:

It intercepts 99% or more of incoming ultraviolet rays, protecting furniture and furnishings near windows from discoloration caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

  1. Good sound insulation:

Reduce the transmission of sound from one room or area of a building to another or from the exterior to the interior of a building.

Where wire glass Can Be Used:

  1. External use of windows, doors, store fronts in offices, houses, shops etc.
  2. Interior glass screens, partitions, balustrades etc.
  3. Shop display windows, showcases, display shelves etc.
  4. Museums, prisons, government buildings
  5. Jewellery stores, banks, airports
  6. Furniture
  7. Bathroom etc.

At Bear Glass Our team is always available to give prompt replies and service. We ensure that you will receive the high quality glass you want at the most competitive prices. We can cut your order to size. Samples are available upon request. Contact us for your wire glass requirements.