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Sharpen Your Lust For Glass in Restaurants By Bear Glass

Glass is a great surfacing material to use in restaurants interiors.  With a high-end look that is easy to maintain and limitless in its customization options, glass can also add useful features to the interior of a restaurant while adding function, reduced maintenance and good looks for years to come. Glass  comes in so many varieties: tinted, back-paintedmirroredacid etched, and even clear that you’re sure to find a type that can enhance the interior for any restaurant or food service environment.


Below are 5 Ways To Sharpen Your Lust For Glass in Restaurants:


1) Specials Boards in Restaurants:

glass board in break room
glass board in break room


Being able to erase dry erase, wet erase and chalk markers from the surface makes glass the perfect message board for writing specials, messages, and other information for patrons. The one shown above was made out of tinted gray for a semi-translucent effect. It’s hung using standoffs with the glass fabricated with holes to accommodate the hardware.

2) Table Toppers in Restaurants:

break room glass table
glass table


This is one of the most practical uses of glass in restaurants,…as a table topper to protect the wood or metal table underneath. A thin, tempered piece can be back painted any color so that it enhances the restaurants branded color scheme as linens would but doesn’t need to be replaced after each patron. Spills, drips, and splatters can be easily cleaned up and it will look good as new for the next customer. We’ve also seen clear glass table toppers used over fine linens, and that’s a good way to prevent having to do a ton of laundry.


3) Prep Area Feature Wall in Restaurants:

Glass Feature Wall
Glass Feature Wall


A wall of color glass in a prep area draws attention to where all the action happens and provides a surface that is easy to clean at the end of the night. With the ability to be any custom color, it can create a beautiful way to draw customers in.

4) BarTops in Restaurants:

glass bar top
glass bar top


A bar top using acid etched glass can create sultry backlit bars that can enhance a mood in the restaurants or lounge. Easy to keep clean, and with a surface that won’t wash off, acid etched also resists finger prints so servers can focus on simply serving the customer.

5) Glassware Walls in Restaurants:

Bar Antique Mirror
Bar Antique Mirror


Like the bar tops, when an acid etched glass is backlit, it can create a mood that invigorates patrons and enhances the environment. The way the light plays, not only through the acid etched glass but through the glassware and colored liquids in bottles creates a cool vibe that can enhance the brand.

But there are so much more ways to use glass in restaurants and food service design! What are your favorite ways you’ve used glass in restaurants interiors?If you have any inquiry or require free advice and estimate for your glass & mirror need, then contact us by phone  +1 718 832 3604, email 



Happy Independence Day 4th July

Bear Glass wishes you all…..
Sparkling and Happy Independence Day 4th July
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Stay safe and happy holiday.

Glass Cutting using Waterjet cutting solutions by Bear Glass

Abrasive waterjet cutting technology is a great method for cutting glass because it allows for contours and shapes that cannot be achieved with other cutting machines at a reasonable cost. From artistic tabletop inlays to detailed stained glass designs, mirrors, glass ornaments, replacement windows for antique cars, and more, there’s almost no glass cutting application that a waterjet cutting machine can’t tackle.

Glass has a tendency to crack, so it is very important that the initial holes are produced with a reduced pressure . Subsequently, the pressure must be increased to a cutting speed that is cost-effective. For glass, ceramics and other brittle materials, you must gradually increase and reduce the cutting pressure by means of proportional pressure control of the intensifier pump, otherwise, the material would be destroyed.

As an alternative waterjet technology can be used as an abrasive because it is softer, which reduces the potential for chipping, cracking and other surface blemishes and leaves a cut edge that is polished to a smooth finish.Because waterjet cutting does not vibrate the glass, there are no heat-affected zones to leave behind rough edges, almost no secondary finishing is required.


  • Cut glass geometry that common machining cannot perform
  • Delicate glass does not crack during processing
  • Precisely cut thin to thick glass without changing any tooling
  • Eliminates pressure of cutting process on surface material
  • No heat affected zone
  • No tool to sharpen
  • No need for reworking of the cut edge
  • No waste of material, narrow cutting gap
  • Cost effective means of cutting holes in glass
  • Create intricate design in any shape and size


waterjet cutting
waterjet cutting

Everyday Uses of waterjet cutting

When you need reliable waterjet cutting solutions, Bear Glass has you covered.

With over two decades of expertise in quality waterjet cutting, we are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fabricated glass parts. Our experienced team works diligently with the latest machinery and cutting technology.  We are equipped to handle the most intricate tasks.

No matter what the shape, size or material, if you can imagine it, we can do it.  Our use of equipment provides us the opportunity to deliver high. Our latest waterjet capabilities create the highest accuracy for the smallest details.

Bear Glass will work side-by-side with you every step of the way.Whether you are an architect or furniture maker, you can count on us to go the extra mile for your fabrication project.Whether you have low-volume or high-volume specifications, Bear Glass has production capabilities to meet your unique needs. We can produce depending on the size requirements.

If you are ready to jump start your next great project, contact Bear Glass today. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that you may have.

Milk Glass For Decoration is only limited by the imagination

Milk glass is often used for architectural decoration when one of the underlying purposes is the display of graphic information.The number of patterns, forms, and objects made is only limited by the imagination

For many of us in the business of architectural glass, once a designer has picked their material, it becomes locked in and part of the specification. Know one likes to tell a customer that any material they come to you for is no longer available. You want to be able to service and supply all request. Here’s how we looked to resolve this problem.Reproductions of milk glass are being made by Bear Glass and sold in NY and NJ. Milk glass can be opaque or translucent and are very popular.

When looking for milk glass collectibles, there are many different forms that you can choose from. That is what makes a milk glass collection so diverse. You can have many different pieces of many different sizes. You will also find that your milk glass will be of many different values. Just make sure that what you choose is genuine and not faux so that you can keep the value of your milk glass collection pure.

Flashed Opal Glass has been around for over 40 yrs. Servicing lighting, architectural and industrial, high-quality markets with a unique come high-quality low iron glass, fused together with a thin layer of white translucent material on one surface. This gave a beautiful, uniform, “white glowing” diffusing glass. This is far more diffusing than sandblasting, silk screening or acid etching.

Hot glass Mfg has its lifespan on tanks, furnaces, and cost of raw materials and when it came to rebuild the only Mfg who makes this high-quality product, could not afford the recouping the time based on past years sales. So with only 1 Mfg and orders to fill we came up with an alternative material. Milk White is a premium low iron, white diffusing glass that is alternative!

Features of Milk White Glass:

  1. Made in 1/4” and sheets up to 96”X 130”
  2. More uniform and consistent than hot fused glass-Milk White is a consistent 35% light transmitting.
  3. Milk White can easily cut, drilled, frosted and edge polished.

When looking for milk glass collectibles, there are many different forms that you can choose from. That is what makes a milk glass collection so diverse. You can have many different pieces of many different sizes. You will also find that your milk glass will be of many different values. Just make sure that what you choose is genuine and not faux so that you can keep the value of your milk glass collection pure Milk glass is characterized by its creamy, thick milky texture and often is opaque or white in color. Collecting milk glass is a fascinating American pastime. Milk glass is a beautiful, elegance and delicate decorative item and many pieces of milk glass come with a rich history and valuable price tag. Whether you are looking to start a collection, add to a pre-existing collection, or purchase milk glass for a friend or family member

Many customers have had positive feedback from completed jobs. Bear Glass are a Full-service fabricator, with over 800 items to choose from.Find out what is the “New White  Glass” item and give us a call today.


Custom Mirrors by Bear Glass

Custom Mirrors



In addition to our glass services, Bear Glass is also pleased to provide custom mirrors.  We are available to provide local or non-local homes and businesses with custom-cut mirrors for bathrooms, workout facilities, and so much more.  Offering myriad options and completely customized shapes and dimensions, our team can help you get exactly what you need in mirrors cut to size.  In fact, we can even create a custom-cut mirror door for your closet or wardrobe!  When it comes to custom mirrors, you’ve come to the right place.

When you don’t want to limit your choices to the cookie-cutter options available at the store, Bear Glass is the perfect answer for your bathroom mirror installation.  We provide custom-cut mirrors of all shapes and sizes.  In addition, we can design and install the perfect bathroom mirror for your home and style.  We offer bathroom mirrors in a vast array of styles from polished and beveled edges to framed or unframed.


Custom antique mirror
Custom antique mirror

Our friendly professionals will take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for in a bathroom wall mirror.  Then we’ll custom design and cut a mirror to meet your specific needs.  Instead of settling for a bathroom mirror that’s almost right, call Bear Glass and get the custom mirror that’s perfect for you!

Bear Glass is pleased to work with commercial clients across the nation for custom mirrors of all shapes and sizes.  While we are available to work with all types of commercial customers, we particularly specialize in custom wall mirrors for gyms and dance studios. Offering the top-quality workmanship you deserve, we can cut and install gym mirrors of all shapes and sizes.  If you’re in the market for a new or replacement full-wall mirror for your commercial space, our team can help.  For details or to get your free estimate on a gym mirror, please don’t hesitate to call.

If you are looking for custom beveled glass and/or custom beveled mirrors, you have come to the right place.  Being a successfully owned and run business with much expertise, we understand the importance of not only providing flawless products but backing them up with flawless customer service as well.  We pride ourselves on our expert craftsmanship and high-quality standards.  What you get in return is a custom glass mirror or other beveled mirror or glass product you will be proud to display.

Bear Glass  has been in the custom beveled glass and mirror business for over twenty years!  It is tough to find another company with the experience and knowledge that we bring to the table.  With both retail and wholesale options, there are custom beveled mirror and glass solutions for everyone.  Other products we specialize in include custom shower doors, aluminum windows, wood windows, and much more!  You are sure to find what you are looking for with Bear Glass.

Acidetched Custom Mirrors
Custom Mirrors


An Introduction To Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is kind of glass that’s created by sandwiching a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer between 2, or more, pieces of glass. The benefit of exploitation shatterproof glass is that it are often safer once broken over alternative varieties of glass. When broken, the glass adheres to the interlayer, rather than shattering and severance of the frame.

Laminated glass also can provide natural philosophy management by reducing sound transmission through it. It can offer protection from crooked objects in minor weather events by fascinating energy impact of flying rubble while not shattering out of the frame. It can offer security in a window and door lite, resisting full penetration which can cause serious injury. This makes it a smart answer for replacement out-of-date glass in some buildings.

laminated glass pannel

Application of Laminated Glass

1.Art Galleries

2.Liquor Stores

3.Jewelry Shops




7.Government Buildings

8.Cash Counter of Stores

9.Post Offices

10.Combat or Security Vehicles

Laminated glass is most frequently created using toughened (non-tempered) glass, but the PVB layer keeps the glass along. In some cases, tempered glass is the right choice: shower enclosures, shelving, etc. However, laminated glass is currently specified solely within the International code (IBC) is now encouraging its use for glass handrails in instances wherever a walk is gift below. To read a lot of on that from, go HERE.


laminated glass staircase
laminated glass staircase

Why use laminated glass?

  1. Safety
  2. Solar Energy Control
  3. UV Control
  4. Durability
  5. Design versatility
  6. Sound reduction

Lastly, remember that the offered sorts of PVB and glass sort combos square measure several. They can be ornamental, colorful, UV reducing, even laminated to specialty glass like our mirror. So assume to ask us next time you want laminated glass.


Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

This is our wish to you for a happy, healthy, and bright 2017.
Thank you for being such a great blog community of interior designers, specifiers, glass shops, glass distributors, and glaziers.
We are grateful to you, inspired by you, and glad to know you.
Bear Glass looks forward to bringing you more varieties in glass and mirror joy in the coming year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!!!!!!

Honeycomb Glazing- A Modern Glazing Type

We are glad to introduce our new product  Honeycomb Glazing Glass in this country. We provide high quality single and double honeycomb glazing glass. This innovative glazing can make the glass more attractive. It can also use both for domestic and commercial purpose. We use modern technology for modern glazing.

Special Features of Honeycomb Glazing Glass

Collection Updates

Sleek design, stylized new hardware, classic new fabric and color variations, and contemporary operation heighten beauty and performance to a whole new level.

Energy Efficiency

It can protect you from heat and cold. The specialty of the glass is, cool in the summer season and warm in winter.

Absorb Noise

It has the maximum outside noise reduction ability. Increase your room’s sound quality while decreasing the intensity of outside sound. It starts at the windows, doors etc.

The degree of sound control will depend on the fabric you choose, so if this is an important feature to you, be sure to discuss it with your sales expert.

Maintain Your Privacy

It can protect your interior privacy from outside. For the special glazing technology, it has the perfect privacy balanced ability. It can be used in the large window, sliding door panels, etc. As it resists sound and protects from seasonal temperature, that it can be used both for residential and commercial purpose.

UV Blocking

This honeycomb glazed glass has the ability to resist you from Ultra Violate rays as well as any other harmful rays too. That’s why it can be used also in industrial purpose too.

Honeycomb glazing

Where it can be used?

To build this glass, we use modern technology. It looks so trendy as well as it is durable too. For its special features, this glass can be used both for residential and commercial purpose. Like as:

Residential Purpose

  • Patio Door
  • Interior Door
  • Large windows etc.

Commercial Purpose

As it resists harmful sun rays and has the ability of sound control and privacy control, that it can be used in:

  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Commercial Buildings, etc.

Bear Glass can fabricate the honeycomb glazed glass. We provide the best quality of honeycomb glazing in NY, NJ, Brooklyn and all over the U.S.A. at a reasonable cost.

Manipulating light and space, Honeycomb Glass provides varying levels of translucency & privacy, in a unique insulated glass format (IGU). Suitable for interior and exterior applications, Honeycomb Glass is ideal for wall partitions, sloped & overhead glazing, and backlit applications.
Available in a maximum size of 70 x 145”, Honeycomb Glass is available in transparent, translucent and lens-ray formats. In transparent format, directional sight lines, daylighting and privacy is easily achieved by adjusting the orientation of the glazing panel. In translucent and lens-ray formats, Honeycomb Glass is ideal for diffusing light and providing shading or privacy.
Honeycomb Glass is available with tinted glass, printed graphics, and colored interlayer. In translucent and lens-rays formats, dramatic optical and backlit effects are easily achieved. Honeycomb glass also provides considerable sound dampening effects and is currently being installed in a variety of hospitality settings.

Mirrored Furniture – Home Design Product

Mirrored furniture is an excellent choice.  Mirrored furniture implies a sense of elegance that works equally well in traditional and contemporary settings.  From sleek, contemporary lines to classic designs with timeless appeal.  From signature chests and tables to pieces crafted from select hardwoods in an antique-cream finish with silvery accents.  From headboards to upholster chairs.

Mirrored dresser

Don’t forget about our signature accents for the perfect finishing touch!  Our mirrored furniture is as glamorous as any star from Hollywood’s Golden Era, yet as practical as we can make it with the desks/draws having exceptional storage space.  Our mirrored furniture is all about functional fashion; most of our products are handcrafted, hand-painted and covered with hand-cut bevelled mirrors.  Allover shine marks our furniture as one you’ll find a versatile fit with a variety of decorating styles.

Our mirrored furniture balances practicality and elegance while the reflective surface makes the room look more spacious.  Our products such as our side table add storage as well as shimmer to any living space.  However, it doesn’t just end there.  Rather than buying already made mirrored furniture, you can bring your furniture in and we can attach the mirrors for you.  We offer a vast majority of services such as different fabrication, edgework on mirrors, beveling on mirror edges, v-grooving, and so much more.  You’ll give it rave reviews.

Here at Bear Glass we offer the following services:


This is the production, by abrasion, of a sloping edge on the glass sheet which is commonly used on mirror glass. The finished look can really enhance the overall appearance of any project that uses glass or mirror.

Mirrored furniture


This is the shaping or finishing of the edges of a glass surface, usually by grinding with an abrasive wheel. Pencil Polished edge in a Satin finish (also available in clear finish) is the most common type of edgework on mirrors. Although this is not as common on mirrors as it is on glass.

Replacement glass

We can supply you with new mirror, or if the glass is vintage, match the existing glass


We offer the following types of fabrication to accommodate for the many applications of mirror:

  • Cutting by Hand
  • Notches
  • Finger Pulls
  • Etching
  • Bismatic
  • Drilling
  • Cutouts
  • beveling
  • miter
  • Polish
  • Custom antique
  • beading
  • installation

For more information on our priceless, Mirrored Furniture please Contact Bear Glass at:



Bear Glass Inc.

399 20th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 718-832-3604

Fax: 718-832-0786


If you are in New Jersey:

Bear Glass New Jersey

359 Essex Road

Tinton Falls New Jersey 07753

P: 732 901 2626

F: 732 901 2266


Anti-Slip Glass- A Transaction Glass by Bear Glass

Anti-slip Glass

Non-slip acid-etched glass is an all-glass flooring solution, using no coatings, paints or appliques impressionable to chipping or flaking off. The slip resistant properties of non-slip glass are entirely derived through acid etching, whereby portions of the glass surface are removed to varying depths by a controlled process. The result is attractive and durable anti-slip surfaces, characterized by striking designs. The unique combination of opacity and translucency provides for full privacy, while still allowing for maximum circulation of light between floors.

Anti-slip glass is a transaction glass. Now it is used for mainly in corporate building. For glass flooring and glass stairs it can be used. Anti-Slip Glass Flooring is an impressive extra clear satin finish glass flooring solution with the option of a pattern grip that delivers modern and unique architecture for stairs and other flooring applications.

This is the first anti-slip flooring that achieves a smooth flawless finish and the Matt finish with the option of a pattern grip ensures it is a truly safe surface to walk on.

Bear Acid-etched Anti-slip Glass product. Multilevel acid-etching of the suction surface provides an impeding the natural flow of light. Anti-slip glass a flooring option introduces new architectural convenience allowing designers to play with color & light; defining space.

Anti-slip glass stairs


You can use it for both residential and commercial purpose. Like as :

  • Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops
  • Stages, stairs, landscape lobbies
  • Showcases, clubs
  • Road surface where need to be marked, such as airport, railway stations, sports center, super markets, museum, shopping malls, etc.
Anti-slip glass floor


  • Superior slip resistance
  • Consistent acid-etched finish
  • More durable than applied coatings
  • Superior resistance to surface contamination from dirt, oils, chemicals, liquids, food, etc.

Why choose Bear Glass?

Bear Glass is a full glass fabricator. We are one of the top anti-slip glass supplier in this country. We can provide you the best quality of products. Bear Glass gives you support after the project completed. You can install old fashioned floor and stairs from Bear Glass. We assure you that we will do our best. For your next project you can contact us.