Celebrate New Year With A Special Gift From Bear Glass

Celebrate New Year with A special gift from Bear Glass
Celebrate New Year with A special gift from Bear Glass

“Celebrate New Year with A special gift from Bear Glass”.

We invite everyone to visit our shops this December. Bear glass offering gifts on every purchase so send us your order request and get a beautiful NEW YEAR glass calendar with your shipment.

It’s that time of year when we look at the things we are grateful for in life.

1) Without Our Customers, there would be no Bear Glass. We appreciate their loyalty and friendship throughout the year. As we grew with you from a small glass workshop to a full glass fabricator, with new products lines to use in new spaces, we hope it worth the challenges. The best is yet to come!

2) We believe that our products touches your life in every moment to improve your interior and exterior environment. Be it your office or your home Bear Glass products adds the beauty in every possible way.

3) Throughout the good and bad times we stand as bear glass family and count on one another to do what was write for the company .In all situations we strive for the best to keep the quality in our service and made our customers happy

This is our wish to you for a happy, healthy, and bright 2015, full of light and joy from everyone at Bear Glass

So keep doing creative and beautiful works with mirrors and glass. And don’t forget to collect your glass calendar.

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