Everything About Glass Backsplash

Backsplash can be used both for residential and commercial purpose. There are many types of glass used for backsplash, like : antique mirror, painted glass, printed glass, mirror glass etc. All look so pretty.

Glass Backsplash Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathtub backsplash
  • Vanity backsplash
  • Kitchen island backsplash

Antique Mirror Backsplash :

You can install antique mirror glass tiles for your kitchen and bathroom backsplash. It is add a reflective quality that can visually expand the size of your kitchen. Antique mirror can be treated and aged to look antique, for a unique kitchen accent. We have an extreme options on antique mirror glass.

antique mirror splashback
Antique mirror splashback

Mirror Backsplash :

Mirrored backsplash is a genius idea, and a relatively easy trick that will make a big impact. Mirror is a perfect backsplash material. It’s an easy-care solution that can be customized easily to create a perfect solution for a kitchen, breakroom, wet bar or bath environment.


Backpainted Glass Splashback:

Backpainted glass is nothing but one side painted glass.Back Painted Glass has superior interior design. Paint allows you to change the appearance of any type of glass like tempered glass, annealed glass, textured glass, laminated glass etc. Because paint has an endless color range, back painted glass can be used for a wide variety of applications. You can give an accent of your kitchen with a contemporary glass back splash , decorate your bathroom with glass walls or just arrange painted glass coverings for any top – finished result is matchless.

Why is it better then tiles or granite?
There are two big reasons why glass panels are better then other materials:

  • Easier to clean.
    Because the main working surface of the panels is glass, it’s very easy to maintain and clean unlike other materials like tiles that tends to accumulate dirt in between the pieces.
  • Easier to customize.
    Glass paint has almost unlimited color range, thus it will be only your imagination that will limit your options. Custom color for your custom kitchen.
Back painted backsplash
Back painted backsplash

Printed Glass Splashback :

Printed glass can be used to decor your interior. You can use it as kitchen printed glass backsplash, it is really good looking for your designer interior.



Why Choose a  Backsplash?

Practicality: Glass is durable and easy to install. It’s also easier to clean and more hygienic for kitchen and bathroom uses, especially because the larger glass panels have fewer crevices for bacteria and dirt to hide.

Style & Beauty: A glass backsplash adds a clean, sleek and seamless look to any room. It instantly updates kitchens and bathrooms.

Enhanced Light: Glass backsplashes reflect light back into the room. Even back-painted glass brightens a room.

Unique Possibilities: Instead of installing a glass backsplash as a single sheet, create endless designs and patterns with smaller cuts, colors and patterns. Check with our project manager for minimum requirements.

Warranty: Bear Glass warranties all our installations. Ask one of our project managers for details.

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