Introducing The Bear Glass Soccer Club

Bear Glass is proud to present our first ever Bear Glass Soccer Team! This recreational team is motivated and dedicated to not only supporting the game of soccer but the brand of Bear Glass.
This is Ronaldo Who Runs Our Mitering Machine
This is Ronaldo Who Runs Our Mitering Machine

The Bear Glass Soccer Team, comprised of loyal employees of the Bear Glass Company, has proven to Park Slope, Brooklyn that they are here to stay. With a combination of team work, perseverance, and drive, it is no surprise that the Bear Glass Soccer team mirrors the exact mission and vision of the Bear Glass .

Bear Glass Is Ready For Any Challenge !
Bear Glass Is Ready For Any Challenge !
Loyalty and commitment to our customers are what we at Bear Glass strive to accomplish and we are confident that our Bear Glass Soccer Team will support us in our endeavors and keep up their great work, as well! Remember, at Bear Glass we do everything in glass and mirror but we also play soccer just as well!
If you would like more information on our Soccer Team or just want us to send you and inventory sheet of all of our stock, we will be happy to provide this for you…




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