Magic of Backsplash In Your Kitchen

In today’s busy world, it takes everyone in the family helping to keep it on track and on schedule. We all have to pitch in, lend a hand, and pull our weight to keep things from getting frantic. You should expect the same thing from the hardworking surfaces in your home. Low maintenance surfaces that are easy to clean are a must. But is that enough?

There are various ways to use backsplashes in kitchen designs; antique, tiled, or crisp and clear, …mirror or glass is a versatile element that can add light and visually expand spaces. I’m loving how designers are embracing more mirror in the kitchen to solve the challenges of adding more light to task areas as well as helping busy cooks stay engaged with their family and guests while preparing a meal. It helps tie elements and people together in a way that only mirror can.

Backsplash Easy To Maintain And Clean
Backsplash Easy To Maintain And Clean

Back-painted glass, like Color Glass,  is definitely easy to maintain and clean. The lack of grout makes a surface that doesn’t absorb stains or mildew. The smooth surface allows any food or mess to be cleaned off easily. But glass does something other surfaces do not, it helps you stay on track and communicate better with your family, …really!

  • TO-DOs – You can write directly on glass with dry erase markers. The markers won’t stain or ghost, and the backsplash is a great place to jot down grocery lists so they’re easy for everyone in the family to see or amend.
  • REMINDERS – When back painted glass is used as cabinet inserts, you can write reminders at eye level, so every time you reach for the coffee or cereal it is front and centre.
  • CHECKLISTS – Glass is fantastic for recipes and checklists that can easily be erased or marked through as each step is completed. Wouldn’t it be a good way to have a board – so the kids can erase tasks themselves upon completion?
  • GRATITUDE – Who says it only has to be about tasks, chores, lists or “to-dos”? Back-painted glass can also be used for those little notes of support, gratitude and love that can mean the difference between an early start and a GREAT start to your day. And every family member can use more of that!
Beautiful Backsplash In Your World.
Beautiful Backsplash In Your World.

Have you used mirrors or glass in your kitchen? It’s worth considering a bit of backsplash magic in your next project.

Color Glass by Bear Glass is the perfect solution for backsplashes. Our back-painted glass is fully opaque, and time-tested for durability. It is also moisture proof, non-porous, and extremely hygienic. For the beauty of pure, saturated color on glass, …IN ANY COLOR, …it’s the ideal choice.

Contact us if you have a project – large or small – that would require the many benefits that  Backsplas by Bear Glass provides. We work with wonderful installers and distributors all across the country and would be happy to help you make the connection for a beautiful backsplash in your world.

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