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Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered Glass is made using special heated furnaces, which heat the annealed glass to a uniform temperature of approximately 1292 °F. When the glass exits the furnace, it is rapidly cooled. This rapid cooling puts the glass surface into a state of compression while the centre core remains in tension.


Tempering Process:
Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered Glass is made by uniformly heating annealed glass to a temperature of up to 1292 °F a nd immediately cooling it. The glass first goes through the furnace, carried in by rollers, where it is heated using three modes – conduction, convection and radiation. The rollers conduct the heat, while the coils help in the radiation of heat. The convection effect is brought about by hot air blowing through the nozzles, thus circulating the heat inside the furnace and making sure that the glass is heated evenly on all sides. This super heated glass then undergoes a rapid cooling process by a uniform and simultaneous blast of air on both surfaces.

After tempering, the stress pattern developed by the glass is high, and the mechanical strength of tempered glass is four to five times higher than that of annealed glass.

Mechanical Strength of   Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered Glass = 4 x Mechanical strength of Annealed Glass

When tempered glass is broken, all the stored energy is released at once and the glass breaks into small pieces.

Bear Glass Does Tempered Glass Table Tops
Bear Glass Does Tempered Glass Table Tops

Characteristics of Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered Glass:

Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered Glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same size and thickness against impact.
Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered Glass has higher thermal strength, and it can withstand high temperature changes up to 482°F.
Bear Glass New Jersey Tempered glass is considered as safety glass. It is difficult to break and even in the event of a breakage, disintegrates into small relatively harmless globules.
Bear Glass New Jersey Tempering does not alter the basic characteristics of glass such as light transmission and solar radiant heat properties of normal glass.
The glass surface after heat treatment has the same resistance to surface damage as annealed glass.
Tempered glass cannot be cut or altered.

One problem that can also exist with tempered glass is spontaneous breakage, where the glass can break for no apparent reason. Spontaneous breakage occurs when nickel sulfide stones increase in size due to repeated heating and cooling.

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