Safe Transport

Investments in appropriate transportation equipment and necessary personal protective gear, with the institution of maintenance and safety , pay off in the long term.  When transporting glass from the shop to the job site cutting corners can be costly. Glass breakage hits the bottom line, and accidents can cause injuries, time lost, and in the worst fatalities.

The first step to protecting employees and preventing breakage during transport is investing in professional glass transport racks. Despite a wide array of glass rack options on the market, Bear Glass  professional transport rack are the best.

Despite the growing trend among glass shop owners toward professional rack systems, in part because of the increasing sophistication of the glass systems they are being asked to install. Heavy shower doors, decorative glasses and other higher price point products require secure rack systems that better ensure safe transport. “We are seeing more and more shops that want to look more professional and be more professional. Bear Glass are using professional racks and trucks.

Minimize breakage by maintaining racks. Companies should work with the best rack and truck or van system for their requirements. Customers should also consider the load restrictions of the rack system as well as the vehicle itself, as overloading can be dangerous and harmful to vehicle performance. Overloading is one of the most common mistakes we see. “Bear Glass does not exceed  the weight range of the truck and stack the racks beyond the legal weight limit. We limit the loading space relative to the capacity of the vehicle. That is the way we are looking out for safety.”

Truck power is also important to consider in terms of load capacity. “Bear Glass want to make sure customers get as heavy duty  truck as possible

Our Rent A ensure that the vehicle can handle the loads of the glass rack. Once customers purchase a glass or mirror, they need to ensure best practices for maintenance and safety.

Most common transportation and handling mistakes:

Overloading racks

Handling glass without personal protective equipment

Unbalanced loads

Using trucks without sufficient power

Neglecting rack maintenance

Glass Delivery Services

Whether big or small pieces we guarantee professional quality service, as well as quick delivery.

  1. We are willing to properly and securely package the glass.
  2. We have the proper equipment to package glass artwork, showcases, and aquariums.
  3. We have glass truck racks that can transport large mirror and glass pieces.
  4. We insure fast and timely delivery to your business, company, factory, apartment, or house.
  5. After delivery we are fully capable of installing and setting up the glass in requested location.
  6. We will move other people´s glass too.

Why Choose Us:

Timely Delivery
Prompt, reliable and cost-effective services tailored to suit client requirements, are the hallmarks of Bear Glass. A large fleet of trucks, a wide network, trained human resources at every station fuel the reliable, safe and timely delivery of glass. Led by its management team with over 20 years of combined experience in management and the glass delivery team; thousands of customers have appreciated our value pricing, timely delivery, quality installation, service and support. We insure fast and timely delivery to your business, company, factory, apartment, or house. After delivery we are fully capable of installing and setting up the glass in requested location.

Glass Racks
Our racks are built from only the lightest, strongest materials. Here at Bear Glass we have been providing glass racks and van racking solutions for 20years, that´s over two decades of experience, supplying to all levels of the glass, from multi-national blue chip companies to single one-man operators. “We often spend time replacing glass racks that have been in ruined. We are confident we have the safest, lightest and best value for money frame and glass frail on the market today.

Products we provide:

  • Wooden crates
  • Foam
  • Bubble wrap
  • Peanut Bubble
  • Glass racks
  • Glass trucks
  • Experienced man power

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