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Bear Glass provides the service of sandblasting glass.   Sandblasting glass is becoming one of the very popular methods of etching glass.  Sandblasting glass can result in producing the most elegant etching on glass.   There are various techniques used in sandblasting glass that can create works of art as a finished product.  Sandblasting glass creates beautiful frosted and carved designs in glass.  Sandblasting has a bunch of functions.

It can be used to soften rough surfaces, roughen soft surfaces, take off unwanted surfaces, or shape a surface.   Items as small as a pendant and as large as front doors can be sandblasted.  The technique takes practice and the right tools, plus a delicate touch if you’re etching glass.  Bear Glass specializes in equipment for decorative sandblasting.  Whether you’re blasting trophies or decorative art glass, you can count on Bear Glass to have the answers you need.   We are happy to assist you in assembling a complete system, including all the small accessories.   We can help you match what equipment you need with equipment you already have.   With Bear Glass, you get the industry’s best-priced sandblasting systems supported by lifetime technical assistance.

Sandblasting can be used for interior fixtures like shelves, tables, and more. Sandblasting is done with a high-speed machine that bombards the glass panel with sand, walnut husks or other materials.  Sandblasting glass offers versatility in creating design effects. First, homeowners can choose a level of glass opaqueness from light, medium or heavy.  Also, sandblasting makes it possible to “frost” sections of a glass shower, such as creating privacy strips or patterns.  Sandblasting glass is also known as sandcarving.  This method allows a greater control method to produce the highest quality work.

The process of sandblasting glass uses the same steps of producing any etching stencil but the material usually needs to be thicker to withstand the pressure of abrasive blasting as sandblasting glass does.   The sandblasting glass method takes place by blasting abrasive from the sandblaster over the stencil resist material.  This is all powered by the supplied air from the air compressor.   The glass becomes eroded to create a frosted elegant design.

In the world of Sandblasted Glass, there are two techniques, etching and carving.  Etching is when abrasive is blasted at the glass lightly to give the glass a frosty appearance.  Depending on the speed and angle the abrasive is being applied, different shades can be created, allowing the glass to be a true work of art.  Carving, on the other hand, is when steadily sandblasting is done to the surface of a glass using stencil which protects the areas you don’t want to be carved out.  Sandblasting as a technique for carving can be much nuanced, with different depths and angles of cuts creating an array of lighting effects that may be quite beautiful.
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