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Bear Glass Is Going Green

Bear Glass is pleased to announce that we are going green! In order to help conserve the environment as of March 2014 Bear Glass will no longer be mailing statements. In order to keep receiving your monthly statements via email please update your email address with Marc W. Marc W, can be reached at Bearglassaccounting@yahoo.com or by calling 607-432-0728. If we do not have your email address we can not guarantee you will continue to receive your statement.  We appreciate your support and corporation.

Here are some tips on how you can go green too. Remember reduce reuse and recycle!

  • Use rechargeable  batteries
  • Pay bills online & stop paper bank statements
  • When traveling  use an e ticket rather than paper ticket
  • Use matches instead of lighters                                                                                     
  • Don’t throw it away, give it away
  • Maintain your vehicle
  • Use cruise control
  • Use a mug or traveling cup instead of a paper coffee cup
  • Turn off the lights
  • Buy local
  • Buy second hand
  • Take a shorter shower & shower instead of taking a bath
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Do your laundry in cold or warm water instead of hot
  • Turn off computers at night
  • Hang dry when possible

Bear Glass can help you go green at home or at work.  Bear Glass does mirror re-silvering. Bring an old mirror back to life instead of throwing it out! Give scratched or damaged furniture an elegant new look by having Bear Glass mirror your old furniture. Many pieces of furniture that are commonly mirrored are desks, end tables, coffee tables, dressers, and vanity’s. Bear Glass will cut down other peoples glass. Bear Glass also does scratch removal and glass restoration. Bear Glass can get your old glass looking brand new. Theses no need to replace it. Together we can make cut down on the amount of waste.

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Bear Glass Can Resilver Your Mirror


Mirror resilvering is a vanishing art, with only a handful of people in the United States who still know how to do re-silvering. Bear Glass is one of these.  Resilvering and restoring your antique mirror is our specialty.

One of the most common practices in saving a mirror is by resilveringBear Glass can assist you with this when your mirrors are in need of restoring; antique or otherwise.

The easiest way to tell if your mirror needs resilvering is if it appears to have streaking or  dirty even after it has just been cleaned.  This is the actual breakdown of the old silver on the back of the glass.  Resilvering is used to restore the brilliance to the mirrored glass.

It is a common misinterpretation that you can buy an at home kit to repair these spots or certain areas on mirrors.  It will not look right without having the entire mirror resilvered.  Bear Glass specializes in resilvering to make sure that the finished result is perfect and stunning.

Before deciding to resilver your mirror, clean it thoroughly. Check its physical conditions for scratches, chips, cracks and pits. These imperfections are a sign of age and will become more visible due to the mirror’s new brilliance and clarity. They will not detract from its value, but rather be evidence of age or integrity of your treasured item.

If you have a mirror of sentimental value, a specialty mirror such as an antique car mirror or convex mirror, we will be more than happy to resilver them as well. If you design your own furniture and need colored glass mirrors (smoke, cobalt blue, etc…) or prefer the ‘distressed look’ to create that unique affect we can also custom make new mirrors.

The process of resilvering is very simple.  We begin by stripping the backing paint from the mirror.  We then use an acid to remove the deteriorated silver.  The remaining glass is polished and rinsed.  At this point, it is ready to be resilvered.  Using a special spray gun with several chemicals, the solution is applied.  Due to a chemical reaction, the silver then adheres to the glass.  The finished mirror is then dried and covered with a special coating.  After a final cleanup the mirror is completely refinished to perfection and is ready for pickup by the customer.

Consider Bear Glass for all of your resilvering needs.

We ship resilvered mirrors world wide.

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