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Bear Glass brings Pilkington Optiwhite™ Glass To Our Valued Customers

Bear Glass is proud to offer Pilkington Optiwhite™ Low Iron Float Glass. We feel that by offering this product line we are able to offer the clear choice when it comes to colorless float glass.Why do we say this?Pilkington Optiwhite Float Glass virtually eliminates the green cast inherent in standard float glass, particularly noticeable in thicker glasses.When true color is of paramount importance, Pilkington Optiwhite™ Float Glass is the perfect solution.

Noticeably clearer than standard clear float glass, the colorlessness of Optiwhite Float Glass is especially apparent when it is combined with white or light colors, and when exposed, polished edges are in view.

As a result, Optiwhite Glass offers enhanced clarity and aesthetics for everything from photovoltaic modules and solar collectors to showroom and furniture applications. It is also ideal for glass which is to be ceramically decorated, because the true colors of the decorations will show through the glass.

Product Features

• PRACTICALLY COLORLESS, thanks to its low iron content, Optiwhite Float Glass virtually eliminates the green cast inherent in standard clear float, which is especially noticeable on exposed, polished edges. It also allows the true color of ceramic decoration to show through.

• UNLIMITED VERSATILITY and the absence of color make Optiwhite Glass ideal for applications such as security glazing laminates, I.G. units, photovoltaic modules, solar collectors, projection room windows, storefronts, appliances, shelving, display cases, zoo and aquarium enclosures, and tabletops.

• IMPROVED LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE makes this product ideal for applications which can benefit from more light. Compared to standard clear float, visible light transmittance for Optiwhite Glass is 2% higher in an 1/8

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Bear Glass Sells Wholesale Low Iron Glass

Bear Glass specializes and is a leader in low iron glass.

Low iron glass is ultra clear and provides a higher degree of transparency compared to clear float glass. This optimum clarity is achieved by removing most of the iron oxide content used to produce glass.

The virtual absence of color makes low iron glass the natural choice when neutral color and clarity count.


Low iron glass belongs to a group of extremely clear glass with minimal green cast. High light transmission and brilliant surfaces make this glass ideal for colored glass applications, frame-less glass installations such as shower doors, glass doors and glass table tops. Low iron glass utilizes a raw material formula that increases light transmission and neutrality while reducing the greenish tint in clear glass that is most apparent when viewed from the edge. The result is pure, sparkling and very clear glass.


Low Iron glass is a high quality and ultra clear float glass, also called extra clear glass. The transparency of low iron glass can reach 91%. Low iron glass also can be done different deep processes same as float glass, such as, tempered, curved, laminated, insulated, and so on. Low Iron glass is mainly used for photo electricity conversion, solar energy, top-grade buildings, decorative glass, top-grade furniture, imitating crystal product, special type buildings, and so on.

Bear Glass can assist you in using low iron glass for your decorative needs throughout your home or any commercial building.

Properties of low iron glass include high clarity and transparency, low iron oxide content, and not green tint that is inherent in normal float glass.

One of the most prominent places that low iron glass is useful is in glass shower doors.  Bear Glass has a wide range of variety in the field of low iron glass for this usage.

Another usage of low iron glass is with energy based applications.  Solar panels are ideal for this type of glass.  The ultra pure sunlight that can be used by low iron glass is above all others for this necessity.

More and more uses for low iron glass are constantly trending.  One of the biggest right now is low iron glass used for aquariums and all types of fish tanks.  This is due to low iron glass being extremely clear and transparent.

Bear Glass recommends using low iron glass for other applications such as shelving, laminated glass, greenhouses, tabletops, furniture, decorative glass, and appliances.

We ship Low Iron Glass world wide.

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Bear Glass Inc.

399 20th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 718-832-3604

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Email: bearglass@yahoo.com

Rent A Glass Truck From Bear Glass

Bear Glass is a company located at 399 20th street Brooklyn, NY 11215 serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut for over 40 years as a fabricator and has been a specialized glass mover for over 20 years. We are well renowned fabricators in the glass business. Our drivers and installers can assure the safe delivery of all the most precious glass valuables. We are willing to move and/or install anything in glass.. Our professional glass trucks are fully equipped to transport glass showcases, expensive pieces of art, mirrors, table tops, as well as oversized pieces of glass. We have fabricated as well as moved glass for companies such as Van Cleef, Lolique, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tourneau. Every piece of glass we move is treated as a piece of art work. Allow us to transport your most precious glass pieces safely and efficiently. Whether big or small pieces we guarantee professional quality service, as well as quick delivery.


  • 1. We are willing to properly and securely package the glass.
  • 2. We have the proper equipment to package glass artwork, showcases, and aquariums.
  • 3. We have glass truck racks that can transport large mirror and glass pieces.
  • 4. We insure fast and timely delivery to your business, company, factory, apartment, or house.
  • 5. After delivery we are fully capable of installing and setting up the glass in requested location.
  • 6. We will move other people’s glass.

The safety of your glass order is very important to us at Bear Glass. The combination of packing equipment is just as important and vital as the placement of your glass in a crate. We use the following packing material to insure your glass is safe.

Products we provide:

  • 1. Wooded crates
  • 2. Foam
  • 3. Bubble wrap
  • 4. Peanut Bubble
  • 5. Glass racks
  • 6. Glass trucks
  • 7. Experienced man power
  • 8. Of course, if requested we are able to provide and fabricate the glass or mirror as well

We work with Unions. We will transport glass for any union if needed. All of our cases are sealed so as to insure no movement in the case. All of your glass will be cared for in a pristine manner. OUR DELIVERY SCHEDULE

Call us today and inquire about how we can help you deliver your glass today!

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Address: Bear Glass Inc. 399 20th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 Phone: 718-832-3604 Fax: 718-832-0786 Email: bearglass@yahoo.com