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Be An Interior Decorator of Your Own Interior Decoration

For people who have a curiosity about what decorators actually do for an interior decoration? For those people, we give a suggestion how they become an interior decorator of their own interiors.

What do decorators do for interior decoration?

Decorators always work with furniture, fabrics, accessories, and colors to pull together a room, your place or an entire house. A conversation between both you and decorator must be needed. So if you want to be an interior decorator of your own interior, you have to be concerned about your interior furniture.

This is the time when you can discuss your style and color preferences, budget. Your decorator may create boards, transport and install furniture and accessories, choose paint colors and fabrics, create a new furniture layout, or even get in there and move furniture. So don’t waste your money make your interior unique with your own ideas. Bear Glass can give the best ideas for your interior decoration. Glass is an architecture material that can be used to decorate your interior.

1. Chicken wire glass partition:

Chicken wire glass can protect your interior from the fire as well as it gives a style too. This glass not only used for residential purpose, but it can also be used for the commercial purpose like a storefront. You can get backpainted chicken wire glass with your custom fabrication.

chicken wire glass

2. It’s about more than choosing furniture material:

Your home always reflects who you are, beyond your taste in throw pillows also your hobbies, passions, the direction in life and more. In a word, your interior can show your personality as a mirror. So choosing the right material is a great factor. We suggest you, the glass material. If you install a hand beveled glass furniture, like, hand beveled wardrobe doors, cabinet doors, table top, etc. it makes your interior more attractive.

hand beveled glass
hand beveled glass

3. Your budget will be respected:

One of the biggest secrets about Bear Glass is that they install or replace your backsplash, interior door, storefront, glass furniture in your budget. You have to be honest and realistic about the financial status of your budget for the best results.

4. We want you to bring your style to the table:

If you know what you exactly love, you don’t need to be afraid of saying what you think. If you have an idea about your glass table top then you should try it. Always remember that we are in touch with your choice and your style; we have let them have the creative freedom to do something amazing with it. But we can suggest you that you can install a hand beveled glass table top both for your home and office interior.

5. A wall mounted aquarium adds more style:

A glass aquarium can give an elegant touch to your interior. You can install a wall mounted glass aquarium and make your interior more attractive. Attaching a wall aquarium is also a decor’s trick to capture the viewers’ attention on that particular wall. So don’t get late, install an aquarium immediately.

glass aquarium
glass aquarium

For your any question about glass and mirror, you can call us +1 718 832 3604 or you can also email us sales@bearglass.com

Custom Glass Aquarium-An Option to Decor An Interior

Our glass aquarium is made of thick glass meant to hold water. We have the unlimited glass aquariums of all sizes. Also, we provide custom glass tank whether in size or other options. Call (+1 718 832 3604) if you need additional help. Commercial and industrial tanks are available at all times also and can be customized.

Glass aquariums come in a variety of styles. Most of our standard glass aquariums can also be made as rimless aquariums. These unique aquariums are great for coral tanks, fish tanks, and more! Our classy polished beveled edge and superior craftsmanship make our aquariums the premier rimless brand on the market today. We also have a frosted upper frameless available if you wish to have glass rimless aquariums that still conceal the water line! We also provide framed glass fish tanks.

Generally, we use Starphire® Glass for the aquarium. Low iron or Starphire® Glass gives an extreme clarity that’s why we use these glass. OptiWhite™ glass fish tanks are also available at Bear Glass. The optiwhite™ glass is also free from color distortion. For a commercial use, we provide glass wall mounted aquariums. Industrial glass tanks are also available at Bear Glass. And all of the aquariums are made of low-iron glass.

You can choose a glass aquarium shape from here:

shape of glass aquarium
shape of glass aquarium

What is Better Glass Aquarium or Acrylic Fishtank?

Glass fish tanks are more durable and it is good for fish health. Acrylic tanks may be low-cost but it is harmful to your fish health. Acrylic tanks are also not durable like as glass aquariums. Acrylics becomes yellowish with its age, where glass maintains its clarity for a long time. Glass is a non-porous material, but acrylic can absorbs chemicals for its porous characteristic.

Glass supports substantially more than its own weight over distances. But Acrylic tanks require a stand that will support the aquarium entire bottom of the tank. If your glass aquarium gets scratched, it can be restored. But acrylics can easily get scratched and it can not be restored. If you think to buy an acrylic tank, remember that it is a scratchable material. Glass is easy to clean and it can be easily maintained.

So if you look at all of the advantages and disadvantages, we are sure that glass would be the best choice for residential, commercial and industrial fishtanks.

Why Bear Glass?

Glass aquariums are one of the easiest ways to decorate your interior. Bear Glass provides rimless, framed both type glass aquariums at a competitive price in Brooklyn, NY and all over the USA and Canada. There are several types of glass for the aquarium hobby. At our discretion tank sizes can be customized to your needs. Tops of tanks can be modified to suit special needs. Rimless tanks are available in certain sizes. We provide regular and low iron both type glass for aquariums as per your specification. Holes can be drilled in the glass aquariums.

So if you want to get a custom designed and custom shaped glass aquarium, you can call (+1 718 832 3604). Or you can email us sales@bearglass.com

Bear Glass Custom Glass Fish Tanks

Custom Fish Tanks

A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office,home or any large business.  When choosing a company to create your custom built aquarium,you want to find a trusted company that has a perfect understanding of the intricate designs,stability issues and materials needed for high volume aquariums


Well,did you know Bear Glass also customizes fish tanks?  Yes,we do it all!  Bear Glass strives to be your glass superstore.  Our eco-systems are cut with precision,molded to perfection and assembled with the best quality materials available today.  Bear Glass offers this for you and so much more.  We pride in our specialized,custom fish tanks and aquariums.   We carry acrylic tanks in sizes and shapes for novices and serious hobbyists.  For those looking for simple fish tanks,we also customize beautiful fish tanks which are designed for enjoyment and low maintenance.  For our customers’ convenience,we also carry many aquarium systems for those people looking for something to accommodate more fish.   For those looking for something unique,our timeless,customized selection of aquatic furniture,tables,and more is sure to be a conversation starter.  If you are looking for custom aquariums for your home,office or place of business,we specialize in creating quality custom aquariums.  We can work with you to design something to fit your space and needs.  Our team of professionals will help you in the design process as well as answer any questions along the way.  We have built custom aquariums for hotels,restaurants,bars,research facilities,schools,movie sets and more.  The purpose of our service of custom aquarium installation is to reflect the clients’ imaginative choices.


 For Bear Glass,it is all about our customers.  Our  passionate design team of interior and furniture  specialists,architects,sculptors,biologists and visual  artists can build and maintain marine and freshwater  custom aquariums.  Not enticing enough?  We offer our  customized,elegant fish tanks at a discounted price!  Even  if you know that a custom made fish tank is what you are  looking for,you may not know how to spot the right one  for you and your area.  The first consideration is the size  and height of the area in which the custom fish tank will  sit.  If you have only a small space and want a larger  aquarium,you may have to go taller rather than longer or  wider.  Another consideration is the use for which the  tank will be presented.  If you want to pull people into your business,the more intricate and exotic the better.  If you are trying to add the “feng shui” element of water to your home,a more simple design may meet your needs.  The best part of having a custom made fish tank created to your specifications is the fact that whatever the intended use of the fish tank,one can be created exactly for your space and your style.  Above the floor,below the floor,in the wall or in the center of a room,the aquarium you choose to design can be placed anywhere,literally anywhere,you could ever imagine.  While Bear Glass is housed in New Jersey,we will travel for you to create,set up,and install the fish aquarium of your dreams.  Never again settle for something that is good enough.

Let Bear Glass help you treat yourself,your business,your home to the best in fish tank design.  With hundreds of designs and hundreds of happy customers served,Bear Glass is ready,right now,to design your next dream in water.  If you cannot find what you are looking for,just let us know and we will help get it to you.  Our superior customer service keeps our clients coming back again and again.

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