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New Jersey Cabinet Glass by Bear Glass

Bear Glass offers clear and obscuring cabinet glass in several textures.  In addition to clear textured glass and obscuring cabinet glass, we offer hundreds of translucent and lightly colored glasses that will add a new dimension of beauty to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, as well as other areas throughout your home or office.  We can custom cut your cabinet glass according to your measurements and ship to your location.  Don’t limit yourself to clear glass and clear textured glass.  Think outside the box and design your kitchen or bath with cabinet glass that will stand out from the ordinary.  If you are interested in glass shelves for your cabinets, furniture, or for decorative purposes we can help you.

We provide a variety of glass types such as:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • TV Cabinets
  • Wall Cabinets
  • Satin Etched
  • Beveled Cabinet Glass

Glass cabinet represents an ideal compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving.  They keep out dust and debris yet help to open a kitchen up visually and showcase striking dishware and decorative items.  Upgrade your cabinets with custom decorative glass inserts to refresh interiors, invigorate your decor and enhance your home or office. Select tempered or laminated glass for safety and security.  All glass is shipped cut-to-size and ready to install.  Convert your raised or flat panel cabinets into works of art!  The glass in your cabinets can also enhance the elegance and beauty of your kitchen.  We carry many types of pattern glass to help express your unique personal style.  We can install glass in your new or existing cabinet doors to meet your needs.  Use cabinet glass to balance out other elements.  In your elegant and traditional kitchen, the glass cabinetry in your kitchen will help balance out the weight of everything else by “stretching” the weight out.  In a sense, it lessens the overall impact and makes all parts feel cohesive and unified.  Give us a call or come visit us in New Jersey to see our experts for a consultation on helping you match a pattern and style that compliments your kitchen decor.  Decorative glass for your cabinets adds that extra flare that you will enjoy and it will definitely attract the attention of your guests.  Cabinet glass is the essence of class and fanciness. Get Fancy with Bear Glass Today!!!

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Bear Glass Inc.

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E-mail: bearglass@yahoo.com

If you are in New Jersey:

Bear Glass New Jersey

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Bear Glass Showcases Our Talent

At Bear Glass, our  showcase clients come from a variety of industries including jewelry, gift, residential, optical, government, museums, and schools. Our products are used in many different ways, from a promotional program, to a custom designed store, to a single showcase in a retail environment. Our showcases suit the needs of corporations and small businesses.

We realize that presentation plays an important role in selling your retail merchandise. Whether you are placing jewelry for sale or other goods,   unique display cases can make a measurable difference in the way you do business. Bear Glass display units create a wonderful shopping aura and add character to your product lines, making them more desirable to customers and inevitably irresistible. Bear Glass takes gratification in providing our clients with the very best   glass display cases, trophy case cabinets, jewelry displays, and  retail showcases.

Bear Glass Jewelry Showcases

Our jewelry showcases are the perfect way  for a company showing off incredible displays of jewelry in their collections. Our jewelry showcases have a certain type of charm that is unmatched by other store display showcases because they have classic tall bases that just add that touch of class in a jewelry store. Glass jewelry display cases can bring elegance to the most ordinary of offices, corridor, mall kiosk, jewelry stores museum or retail stores. The right jewelry display cases not only show off the beauty of a particular piece, but it also keeps it safe and secure as well. The display area of most jewelry display cases would be right on top so that it gives your customers the opportunity to get a great view of your jewels.

Not all jewelry showcases are created equally. Our retail store display cases offer both style and durability which are second to none. Constructed with attractive designs and made with the best materials available, glass display cases from Bear Glass Showcases can make a big impact on your retail efforts. Whether you need a glass display cabinet for a jewelry store, a trophy case to boast your collectibles, or a wood showcase to display your merchandise, we are sure to carry a display case to match your goal and aspiration

Historically, it was necessary to protect curios with a glass showcase from animals and vermin that posed a threat. Museums also began to use the glass showcase to protect their more valuable items. Eventually, when glass became less expensive, the glass showcase became a way for a family to highlight their own living room treasures. Today, the showcase is a staple for most merchants because it instills a sense of quality and preciousness in what is sold.

Bear Glass Trophy Cases

Bear Glass offers different styles of glass trophy cases so that you may showcase your awards and collectibles with class.   If you are looking for trophy cases for schools that do justice to your accomplishments, then you have come to the right place. Bear Glass Showcases offers trophy cases that are perfect for sale and featured items, while versatile enough to display items such as trophies, memorabilia, jewelry, and many other collectibles. We strive to provide trophy cabinet cases at affordable prices, yet maintaining top notch quality.

Bear Glass Retail Showcases

All glass display cases are made with Silver Satin Aluminum frames 3/16″ Tempured Glass, and 3/4″ Low Pressure Laminate (LPL) unless otherwise specified by our clients. All of our jewelry display cases can come equipped with steel standards, brackets, and tempered glass shelves. Accessible from the back for retail store merchandising, these wood showcases are adjustable in order to fit various shelf heights and ensure your products to be visible to browsing customers.

Our display case options offer flexibility while revealing your items in impressive fashion. These modern retail display cases offer top notch appeal, and are built for dependability and style as well as functionality. The sliding door accessibility is ideal for retail jewelry stores while providing high visibility and safety for the items enclosed.

Contact Bear Glass For All Your Showcase Display Needs

 BEAR GLASS IS A FULL GLASS FABRICATOR IN BROOKLYN,   NY.  WE ARE THIRD  GENERATION GLAZIERS.  WE ARE AT OUR CURRENT LOCATION FOR OVER 20 YEARS.  HERE WE UTILIZE OVER 25,  000 SQ FT TO ITS MAXIMUM . WE DELIVER TO THE  TRI-STATE AREA 5 DAYS A WEEK,   WITH 5 TRUCKS ON THE ROAD DAILY.  ALSO,   WE  SHIP NATIONWIDE.  WE USE CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY TO SERVICE OUR  CUSTOMERS,   AND WE HAVE THE LARGEST INVENTORY FOR STOCK SHEETS.  EVEN  THOSE HARD TO FIND TYPES.  WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW WAYS TO BE  MORE PRODUCTIVE.  WHETHER IT'S PURCHASING NEW MACHINERY TO PROVIDE NEW  SERVICES OR BRINGING IN DIFFERENT LINES OF GLASS,   WE DO IT.  WE STRIVE TO  KEEP OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFIED,   AND ARE ALWAYS LOOKING TO MAKE NEW ONES.   WE ENJOY WORKING ONE ON ONE WITH PEOPLE  IN THEIR PROJECTS.  IF YOU WOULD  LIKE PLEASE GIVE US A CALL OR DROP US AN EMAIL. We take pride in bringing you high quality glass display cases and other retail display products for sale at wholesale prices. As previously stated, we can create a selection that includes a variety of glass display cabinets, trophy cases, countertop showcases, and retail jewelry display cases that are perfect for a wide array of merchandise such as accessories, gems, jewels, valuables, collectibles, and sports memorabilia. In addition to extending wholesale prices to our customers, we also provide fast shipping and exceptional service which is unmatched in our industry.

Our display case accessories are for every budget w/ Fast Flat Rate Shipping Nationwide! All glass showcases can be pre-made and shipped or a shipment of quick and efficient diy (do-it-yourself) assembly kit. We would like to begin a partnership with your business by supplying you with a powerful selection of wholesaleglasswall display cases, including glass display cabinets, trophy cases, and jewelry showcases available at wholesale discounts that are much superior to used display cases on the market.

For more information please contact us at:


Bear Glass Inc.
399 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-832-3604
Fax: 718-832-0786

Email: bearglass@yahoo.com