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Bear Glass Glue Chip Glass Is A Unique Way To Showcase Your Home Or Business.

Bear Glass is the 4th generation family business specializing in Glue Chip Glass.  We stock the largest variety of flat glass in a variety of sizes and color, customizing your Glue Chip Glass.  Alongside of glue chipping we can also fabricate your glass to your needs, from cutting to beveling and more, making Bear Glass your one time glass shop. Glue Chip Glass is basically clear and used for visual diffusion.  This obscure texture allows maximum light to pass while giving cool frozen frost type texture to view.

Glue chipping is the simple process of coating glass with an animal hide glue to the surface of the glass.  The glue which was melted in a double boiler will flow on the surface of the glass about 1/16″ thick.  For best result some artist prefer to sandblast the glass before applying the glue.  As the glue dries (key point) it will contract and chip the surface.

Thus, the term glue chipping. Many factors are key to successful glass chipping.  Some factors are humidity, glass surface, heat, and time.  Additional techniques can be used with glass chipping such as masking off a design on the glass to prevent chipping.  Many sign makers do this for lettering.   Silvering the back or front of chipped glass creates a great mirror.

Glue Chip Glass is a texture that looks like frost during the winter or fern like pattern on a window pane.  This attractive random pattern is created by applying hot animal glue to the sandblasted surface of clear float glass and as it dries, the glue shrinks and cools removing flakes of glass from the surface.   Glue chip glass technique can be used with clear or tinted glass as well as mirrors.  If extra strength is needed it may also be tempered.

As the glue dries, and contracts, it pulls flakes of glass off the surface in a random fashion.  Glue chip glass is very popular for backgrounds in windows and cabinets and is especially beautiful combined with bevels and bevel clusters.

Think outside the box and design your kitchen or bath with our beautiful G lue Chip Glass that will stand out from the ordinary.   Glue Chip Glass that has a frosted design with a very interesting process gives the glass this unique and individual design, and is popular as a  glass room divider panel.  Adding a lot more privacy and separation, yet still allowing the light to flow through it.  Many windows and doors use this technique to add elegance to its environment.  It has been used occasionally in signs and in stained glass windows since the early 20th century.   Glue chip special properties allows every design to be different, giving a uniqueness to every piece of glass or mirror.

Our Glue Chip Glass gives uniqueness to any mirror.  Glass off the surface in a random fashion.  Glue chip glass is very popular for backgrounds in windows and cabinets and bevel clusters.

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Glass Countertops By Bear Glass Brooklyn NY

Bear Glass specializes in the design and manufacture of all kinds of glass, featuring new and recycled glass countertops, table tops, privacy panels, wall dividers, wall coverings, balustrades and so much more. Skilled artists from Bear Glass create featured design elements that are both stunning to behold and a pleasure to use.

The rich look of glass combined with the hygienic nature of a non-porous surface make for a beautiful and practical surfacing material.

Now Glass Countertops adds even more with the ability to choose virtually any color along with a myriad of special finishes that really stand out. Combined with textures, the sky is the limit.

Glass countertops by Bear Glass can even give you a brushed stainless or metal look through glass that is truly sensational.

With a remarkable blend of function and art, Bear Glass offers glass countertops that literally transform your eating area. Our exclusive technology can make your kitchen glass countertops truly unique.

  • Glass countertops 1.5″ thick or more.
  • A smooth, glossy contemporary finish on every glass countertops, with a huge choice of available imbedded textures.
  • Custom designs of your glass countertops with infused color to create your personalized artistic touch.
  • Durability that rivals any common countertop product.

Each Bear Glass kitchen countertop begins with a handmade process, every finished product maintains its uniqueness. We provide different texture for countertops:

  • Natura
  • Carco
  • Vaga
  • Pebblo
  • Dropa
  • Minima
  • Granula
  • Brossa

Bear Glass offers a full LED solution for all your lighting needs in order to further highlight your glass countertops. White LED & Multicolor Led gives a special looks to your countertops.

Bear Glass offers wide selection of thicknesses, edge treatment, surface treatment, colors and shapes.

A sleek and modern look, combined with a low carbon emissions production process makes Bear Glass an environmentally preferred product. Bear Glass uses transparent tempered glass, post-consumer recycled glass to make the best of glass countertops.

Bear Glass is extremely durable and low maintenance.  Using ForeverSeal® helps make Bear Glass more stain and scratch resistant than “ordinary” granite.  Bear Glass is also heat resistant and cold resistant. The non-porous surface means spills won’t stain it and cleaning is very easy. Bear Glass is perfect for modern homes and businesses looking to express a fresh, forward looking sensibility.

Bear Glass ships their glass countertops products worldwide. We do everything in glass.

For more information or to order your glass countertops, please contact Bear Glass at:



Bear Glass Inc.

399 20th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 718-832-3604


Fax: 718-832-0786


E-mail: bearglass@yahoo.com