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New Jersey Cabinet Glass by Bear Glass

Bear Glass offers clear and obscuring cabinet glass in several textures.  In addition to clear textured glass and obscuring cabinet glass, we offer hundreds of translucent and lightly colored glasses that will add a new dimension of beauty to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, as well as other areas throughout your home or office.  We can custom cut your cabinet glass according to your measurements and ship to your location.  Don’t limit yourself to clear glass and clear textured glass.  Think outside the box and design your kitchen or bath with cabinet glass that will stand out from the ordinary.  If you are interested in glass shelves for your cabinets, furniture, or for decorative purposes we can help you.

We provide a variety of glass types such as:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • TV Cabinets
  • Wall Cabinets
  • Satin Etched
  • Beveled Cabinet Glass

Glass cabinet represents an ideal compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving.  They keep out dust and debris yet help to open a kitchen up visually and showcase striking dishware and decorative items.  Upgrade your cabinets with custom decorative glass inserts to refresh interiors, invigorate your decor and enhance your home or office. Select tempered or laminated glass for safety and security.  All glass is shipped cut-to-size and ready to install.  Convert your raised or flat panel cabinets into works of art!  The glass in your cabinets can also enhance the elegance and beauty of your kitchen.  We carry many types of pattern glass to help express your unique personal style.  We can install glass in your new or existing cabinet doors to meet your needs.  Use cabinet glass to balance out other elements.  In your elegant and traditional kitchen, the glass cabinetry in your kitchen will help balance out the weight of everything else by “stretching” the weight out.  In a sense, it lessens the overall impact and makes all parts feel cohesive and unified.  Give us a call or come visit us in New Jersey to see our experts for a consultation on helping you match a pattern and style that compliments your kitchen decor.  Decorative glass for your cabinets adds that extra flare that you will enjoy and it will definitely attract the attention of your guests.  Cabinet glass is the essence of class and fanciness. Get Fancy with Bear Glass Today!!!

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Bear Glass Kitchen Cabinet Glass Adds The Wow Factor To Your Cabinet Doors!

If you are looking to create that wow factor, Bear Glass can help you create an original designer kitchen.How?  By adding our decorative stained and beveled glass to your kitchen cabinet glass doors.

Today’s kitchen is a reflection of the homeowner’s individual style and taste. Long gone are “trends” in decor. Bear Glass can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind eclectic room that reflects your personality. A major way to make the kitchen cabinets look less factory-installed is to replace some of the doors with decorative glass panels. Choices range from clear glass or textured panels to a set of custom-designed leaded glass panels. Kitchen cabinet glass panels also open up the room, making them a wonderful choice for a smaller kitchen.

Contemporary and traditional designs can be chosen from our kitchen cabinet glass range. You could also give your kitchen that extra personal stamp and design the glass yourself. We can create beautiful kitchen cabinet glass from your own ideas or drawings!

Most kitchen manufacturers offer a glazed door option in their kitchen cabinet glass selections. Why settle for the ‘off the shelf’ look? At Bear Glass,you can order custom made original kitchen cabinet glass.

Combining designs for bevels, fused tiles, v grooving, sandblasting, color and frosted glass helps to create a unique and original style of kitchen. Combine our custom made glass with internal lighting inside the kitchen glass cabinets and you will have created a popular talking point when people visit your home.

We have a standard range of designs for kitchen cabinet door glass where you can see our glass designs. You can view Bear Glass’s entire kitchen cabinet glass gallery on our website. We also have a larger selection of kitchen cabinet glass that you can browse through. As with all of our kitchen cabinet glass designs, Bear Glass can re-color and re-size any glass pattern to suit your tastes and requirements. We will also upload a ‘proof’ of your exact scale glass design for you to approve before we create the actual glass.

As always, if you don’t find the perfect design in our kitchen cabinet glass gallery, we can create glass from your ideas or design an original kitchen cabinet glass especially for you.

We ship kitchen cabinet glass worldwide.

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Bear Glass Inc.

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Phone: 718-832-3604

Fax: 718-832-0786

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