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Bear Glass Bird-Friendly Glass

  The Issue

Given the hundreds of millions of birds killed every year due to collisions with glass on buildings, bird window strikes are rapidly becoming a major factor in the decline of bird populations.   This is caused by glass on all types of structures—from big city skyscrapers to windows on personal residences.

The reflective and transparent characteristics of glass make windows and facades dangerous for birds.   They see the reflection of trees or the sky in a window, or see through the glass to trees and sky on the other side of a window or glass corridor.   There is no barrier perceived and they fly into the glass causing instant death or severe head trauma that they eventually die from or because they are injured, fall prey to scavengers.

The Challenge

Glass as a design element has many purposes, including providing a feeling of openness and to bring sunlight into the building. Advances in glass technology make it an ideal building and design material.   This along with green building practices that focus on energy efficiency through the use of natural light add up to more and more glass being utilized in architecture, which translates to continued dangerous conditions for birds.

Architects, builders, and owners are challenged to specify glass that is attractive, provides a feeling of openness and natural light, is maintainable, affordable; energy-efficient, and also that creates “visual noise” alerting birds that a barrier is present.

It’s estimated that more than 100 million birds are killed every year due to collisions with glass surfaces, Bear Glass has come up with solution by coming up with glass that appears normal to humans but is very visible to birds.

We used the principle that birds have the ability to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, and thus Bear Glass has developed the glass with a patterned UV-reflective coating that makes it visible to birds while remaining transparent to the human eye.   Our company has updated our Bird-Friendly Glass to an improved version with a crisscross pattern.  When tested it was reported that it reduced the incidents of birds striking the glass by up to 75 percent.

With the understanding that birds are able to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, Bear Glass has developed our Bird-Friendly Glass.  The glass has a patterned, UV reflective coating making it visible to birds while remaining virtually transparent to the human eye.   Our glass has been tested in cooperation with the American Bird Conservancy resulting in a significant reduction of bird strikes compared to standard double-glazing.

As a multi-functional glass, our glass is the only clear glass solution to bird collisions, and is available as laminated glass or a double-glazed insulated unit with a low-E or solar control coating, offering energy efficiency and bird strike protection.   Our Bird-Friendly Glass offers a unique and innovative bird-friendly glazing solution—maintaining the aesthetic transparency of glass while creating visual markers alerting birds to a barrier.   First introduced in Europe in 2006, Bird-Friendly Glass is now available in North America.

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Bear Glass Carries Clarvista Glass

Bear Glass carries Clarvista ™ Glass which is produced during the manufacturing process. It is NOT an aftermarket application, which requires frequent re-application, buffing and polishing.

Pay Now or Pay Later?

Developers, architects, home owners and home builders should be aware of the COST of NOT specifying Bear Glass  Clarvista Glass . Yes, there is a reasonable premium charged for this innovative new product, but the benefits result in savings for many years to come, with no additional cost for replacing the glass later when it becomes dull and dirty due to corrosion.

Compare the cost of upgrading to Bear Glass now to what it will cost to replace the glass in your bath enclosure in just a few years. Invest now, OR pay later for new glass AND labor to install LATER – which do you prefer?

Bear Glass Clarvista Shower Glass is an innovative glass for shower doors and bath and shower enclosures that, with regular maintenance, looks newer longer than other shower glass products. The glass is made with a coating that seals the glass surface, enabling it to resist corrosion caused by heat, humidity, soap and household cleaning products.
Bear Glass Clarvista Glass is available with  Starphire® Glass ultra-clear or conventional clear glass. When combined with Starphire Glass, Bear Glass Clarvista Glass is the most transparent shower glass in the industry, which makes it ideal for upscale homes, resorts and commercial spas.

You can’t tell by looking at it, or even by touching it, but glass is a surprisingly porous material at the microscopic level. Repeated exposure to the kind of heat, humidity and cleaning products that you’d find in a bathroom can cause corrosion. This corrosion can cause ordinary glass to change appearance –making your glass shower look cloudy. Even some products designed to guard against this corrosion still degrade over time.

It has a coating, fused to the glass, sealing the glass surface to provide a protective barrier. The coating withstands the high temperatures required to thermally temper (strengthen) glass to meet safety codes for shower enclosures. Which is why, with regular maintenance, shower enclosures built with any of the available varieties of Clarvista Glass can keep their “like new” look longer.

After harsh accelerated exposure tests to the heat, humidity and chemical exposure in a typical bathroom, Clarvista Glass showed no signs of corrosion.
After these same tests, uncoated glass showed significant signs of corrosion.
Bear Glass Clarvista Glass stands up to the rigors of routine cleaning better than other shower glass products. And most non-abrasive, off-the-shelf cleaners can be used on Clarvista Glas s. Bear Glass carries sheet sizes of 96×130 and it can come in 1/4 3/8 1/2 clear and Starphire.

• Glass looks newer – longer
• Normal cleaning only to maintain
• No periodic applications required to maintain
• No buffing or polishing required
• No peeling or discoloration
• 10 year warranty*

Clarvista Glass is a Bear Glass specialty. We look forward to working with you on your next project! Call us with your special needs and your unusual requirements. Competitive prices, outstanding delivery dates, and close interactive customer service make Bear Glass a perfect choice for your next job. We are committed to delivering a premium level service – providing speed, quality and simplicity throughout the entire process. Bear Glass is the preferred supplier to many of America’s best Architects, Designers, Builders and more.

We ship Clarvista Glass worldwide.

Representatives from Bear Glass will be available  to answer questions about our line of Clarvista glass. To learn more, or to order  Bear Glass Clarvista Glass:


Bear Glass Inc.
399 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-832-3604
Fax: 718-832-0786
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