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Sharpen Your Liking For Glass in Restaurant

Glass is a great emergence material to use in restaurant interiors. With a high-end look that is easy to take care of and limitless in its customization choices, glass can conjointly add helpful options to the inside of a restaurant whereas adding operate, reduced maintenance and good appearance for years to return. Glass comes in so several varieties: tinted, backpainted, mirrored, acid etched, and even clear,…that you’re sure to notice a sort that may enhance the inside for any restaurant or food service setting.

Below are five ways that to whet your liking to victimization glass in restaurant designs:

glass table top
glass table top

1) Specials Boards:

Tinted Glass Message board Being able to erase dry erase, wet erase and chalk markers from the surface makes glass the perfect message board for writing specials, messages, and other info for patrons. The one shown above was created out of tinted Grey glass for a semi-translucent impact. It’s hung stand-offs with the glass fictional with holes to accommodate the hardware.

glass bar top
glass bar top

2) Table Toppers:

Cafe with backpainted glass table topper protecting the wood table. This is one among the foremost practical uses of enclosing restaurants…as a table topper to protect the wood or metal table beneath. A thin, tempered piece of glass can be backpainted any color in order that it enhances the restaurants branded color scheme as linens would, but doesn’t would like to get replaced when every patron. Spills, drips, and splatters can be simply clean up and it’ll look smart as new for the consequent client. We’ve also seen clear glass table toppers used over fine lines, and that’s good thanks to forestalling having to try to a large amount of laundry.

glass feature wall
glass feature wall

3) Prep space Feature Wall:

Bear Glass Color Glass backpainted glass in bright red within the style of a wall of color glass in a prep space attracts attention to wherever all the action happens and provides a surface that is easy to wash at the top of the night. With the ability to be any custom color, it can produce lovely thanks to drawing customers in. This extremely busy restaurant in the food court.

4) Bar Tops:

Restaurant tabletop victimization Low-Iron Acid carved Glass With Backlighting impact. A bartop using acid carved glass will produce sultry backlit bars that will enhance a mood within the restaurant or lounge. Easy to keep clean, and with a surface that won’t wash off, acid etched glass conjointly resists finger prints thus servers will focus on merely serving the client.

5) Glassware Walls:

Bar interior victimization back-lit Acid carved Glass. Like the bar tops, when an acid carved glass is backlit, it can produce a mood that invigorates patrons and enhances the setting. The way the lightweight plays, not only through the acid carved glass, but through the glass work and colored liquids in bottles creates a cool atmosphere that will enhance the complete.

But there’s thus several a lot of ways that to use in close restaurant and food service style, tomorrow we’ll share a few more! What are your favorite ways that you’ve used in close restaurant interiors?

Bear Glass Customized Glass Message Boards

Glass message boards are growing in popularity as more and more designers become familiar with them.  Glass is non-ghosting, provides good contrast, is easy to clean of all types of markers (including permanent), and adds a higher end look for corporate environments.  There is an artistic side of Bear Glass to add extra beauty and value to your message board.  There are many different features in a glass message boards that can help you create the exact look – and function – desired for a corporate or even contemporary look.  We are also a Exclusive Dreamwalls Distributor which allows different backpainted glass options for the contemporary style that some may seek in their offices or meeting rooms. Below are 4 different ways that Bear Glass can make the dry erase board of your design dreams:

  1. Tempering
  2. Magnetization
  3. Cut outs
  4. Graphics

Tempered glass is generally 4-6x stronger than annealed glass, and creates the characteristic breaking pattern you see above, as well as a greater resistance to high heat temperatures.  When tempered glass is broken, it crumbles into granular chunks, instead of jagged shards. These nuggets of glass are less likely to cause injury, so some people refer to it as “safety glass”.  Many offices are now opting for magnetic glass message boards for an additional function to the writing surface.  A steel plate is adhered to the back of the glass using a special adhesive that will not harm the paint layers, and magnets are used on the front side which pulls “through” the glass to the steel.  Bear Glass magnetized message boards may just be the solution you’ve needed to add the utmost flexibility to the office.   Drilled holes for standoff mounting, unique patterns cut out of the glass, or cutting the glass board itself into a unique shape, can add some amazing options to a Bear Glass customized glass message board.  We can also add graphics on the reverse side of the glass. By using our painting system we can selectively paint different areas in different colors (or leave them clear) so that you add logos, text, borders, or other designs to the message boards. These designs won’t chip or wash off because they’re on the back side and protected. The shine and sparkle add a professional look to any graphic. Just think of the possibilities!

With these unique capabilities, almost anything can be achieved for a unique marker board that is a cut above the competition.  A Bear Glass message board will make any office stand out from the competition.  Our customized glass message boards would look stylish and professional in your office building or even displayed in a home office.  You could even add a customized glass message board for the elegant touch in your kitchen or living room for you and your family to enjoy and communicate.  Glass is easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting; so it is easy to see why more and more offices have been getting creative with back painted glass; especially by using it as message boards in reception, eating, conference, and creative areas.  Bear Glass has created the perfect paint formula for excellent coverage, adherence, and durability.  Glass is a very non-porous substrate that is difficult to get paints to adhere to properly long-term, so we used our successful years of experience in making glass towards developing a product that is the highest quality available.

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