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Utilization of Printed Glass

Now a days glass become a popular architectural material. You can use Printed glass everywhere as residential or commercial purpose.

Prints on glass can be used to decor your interior. You can use it as kitchen printed glass backsplash, it is really good looking for your designer interior.

Printed Glass Backsplash
Featured wall

Applications of Printed Glass

  • Photos and Graphics
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Glass walls
  • Glass doors and screens
  • Glass gift piece
  • Glass meeting tables and board room tables

Photos and Graphics : We take your photograph, digital image and create your own unique glass print quickly and easily.

Photo and Graphics
Photo and Graphics

Kitchen backsplash : Bear Glass provides kitchen backsplash. It is too common to kitchen interior. Printed glass backsplash is easy to wash and durable. If you have a modular kitchen, then you can use our kitchen backsplash. For kitchen backsplash contact us.

Kitchen Splashback
Kitchen Splashback

Glass feature wall : You can use glass printing for featured wall for commercial and domestic purpose. It is more durable and stylish too. We have the largest stock of prints on glass. For your privacy you can also use it.

Glass Feature Wall
Glass Feature Wall

Glass doors and screens : Laminated printed glass is too durable and stylish that you can use it for your doors and screens.

Printed Glass Door
Printed Glass Door

Glass gift piece : If you want to give an unique gift for your friends or family members, you can give your friend’s photo digitally printed glass backsplash.

Glass meeting tables and board room tables : In your conference or board room you can use our prints on glass backsplash. To order your project you can contact us.

Printed Glass Table
Printed Glass Table

Why Choose Bear Glass?

There are many reason to choose us. These are :

  • Bear Glass is the best dealer of this glass in this country.
  • Bear Glass provides the best quality glass.
  • Our product is too reliable and more durable than other company.
  • We are third generation glaziers.
  • We are at our current location for over 20 years.
  • Our delivery team is too good.

So, for your next project contact us.

Printed Glass By Bear Glass

Bear glass is pleased to announce our limited time offer! Right now when ever you place an order with Bear Glass you will receive this chic printed glass 2014 calendar. Here at Bear Glass we want to thank you for your business in 2013 and in past years and look forward to continuing our business relationship in 2014! This calendar is just one example of what Bear Glass is capable of. Here at Bear Glass we do everything in glass in mirror!

A printed glass image is a modern alternative to printing on canvas. Its appeal and style make it perfect for the display of wedding photos, portraits, landscape images or corporate signage. Applications for printing to glass are endless and can include printing images on to glass tables, kitchen splashbacks and shower screens .

Bear Glass can print graphics on glass as translucent or reflective images. Crisp and colorful graphics are printed directly to the glass and are protected with a finish to suit almost any environment. Glass panels are ideal for settings that demand continuous cleaning, Bear Glass is happy to print graphics for all of your printed glass needs!

The more you get to know about printed glass, the more you will be impressed by what Bear Glass can do for you! So keep an eye on this new stylish and classy decoration for glass material. It is truly a substance for the future. With prices for everything going up, it is getting more and more expensive to decorate your house. With the help of Bear Glass Digitally Printing Glass, you can easily decorate your house at a very affordable price. The way the Digitally Printed Glass can help you improve the looks and presentation of your house is amazing. The influence of this kind of glass on the spirit of your whole house is very positive. So you can always try to decorate your house with the Digitally Printed Glass .

Bear Glass offers new and exciting applications for printed glass in a business, home or office. The technology for Bear Glass involves printing a high-resolution image, design or text onto a glass surface to create a stunning custom piece for use as a promotional or decorative addition to your space.

At Bear Glass , we care about the environment. Bear Glass is digitally printed with very low VOC emissions. Our products are 100% recyclable and our standard annealed glass products are made from a minimum of 20% recycled glass.

Our imaged glass can be a powerful advertising tool that increases brand recognition. As a decorative installation, it can bring a modern feel to any space. Custom-printed glass can also act as a room barrier that keeps spaces feeling open an airy. For a high-impact piece, use layered glass printing to create a three-dimensional look.

Your custom-printed glass piece will blend in seamlessly with your existing environment. Bear Glass products are designed primarily for indoor use. Coupled with lighting designs, your imaged glass will be visually stunning and attract attention in any setting.

Your custom-built Bear Glass piece can be used in countless applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Dividers – Use custom-printed glass to define a space in an open setting
  • Interior Design – Add photos or a design to glass to decorate your home or office
  • Presentation Piece – Bring your imaged glass to trade shows to create an impressive display
  • Doors and Windows – Add your business name and logo to your building’s entryway
  • Promotional Uses – Create a striking product display or advertising tool with imaged glass
  • Informational Signs – Notate employee names outside their office or create a floor directory

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