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Soundproof Glass By Bear Glass


A soundproof glass is a glass that prevents sound from penetrating from one side to the other. In most cases, those desiring soundproof glass are those who live near noisy environments, such as airports of busy roads. While glass, in various configurations, may do a good job of preventing sound from getting through, it should be noted that soundproof glass, at least from a general consumer standpoint, is all but impossible to acquire.

Sounds like this is exactly what you need!

There are a number of different ways to make glass soundproof. The first involves simply making the glass thicker. The thicker the glass is, the stiffer it becomes and, as a natural consequence, less prone to vibration. In such cases, the sound is naturally reduced. Another option is to insulate the glass with some other material, or perhaps just put an empty area in between two panes of glass.

To make soundproof glass completely capable of blocking all sound would be prohibitively expensive and likely not recommended for windows. The glass would need to be extremely thick and would be very heavy, perhaps overwhelming any material used in a typical window frame.

Do you hear what we are saying to you?

The most common place to find soundproof glass is a sound studio, where it is important for music and other types of recordings to have a quiet environment. However, even then the glass is not completely able to withstand all sounds.

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Bear Glass: Obscure Glass For Homes And Business

Bear Glass Obscure Glass is a charming adornment for any home or business !  Bear Glass Obscure Glass has designs imprinted in glass for privacy, light diffusion, and embellishment.  With over 50 years of customer satisfaction, here at Bear Glass, we  continue to delight our customers with our expertise, variety, and pleasant experiences !
Why does Bear Glass guarantee the most customer overall satisfaction?
Bear Glass Obscure glass is not limited to our over 50 choices we have in stock. Walker TexturesTM acid-etched glass products offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. The consistent quality, durability and rich look of Textures products is unmatched.  Walker TexturesTM glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.
Acid-etched Glass Advantages

  • Consistent finish and appearance
  • Maintenance free
  • More mar-resistant than sandblasted glass
  • Does not peel or discolor like films
  • Does not scratch off like coatings
Our traditionally hand produced Glue Chip is made by applying special glue to sandblasted glass. After it dries,
a fern pattern is created on the glass. It is also sometimes referred to as Single Glue Chip as glue is applied only once. This glass is a different product than the mass-produced rolled-pattern “Glue Chip” that shares the same name.
Bear Glass Obscure Glass is always customized to fit customers needs. Perfect glass for your front door; your bathroom windows; your Shower Screen; and anywhere else you need natural light and privacy. With the global partnerships in which Bear Glass has, the possibilities are endless.  Bear Glass is continually improving customer’s experiance so that choosing the perfect glass is never a hassle.   Bear Glass consists of a staff of organized individuals that is constantly coming up with new ways to better service customers.  While searching for Bear Glass Obscure Glass you will not be overwhelmed with the abundance of choices.  Bear Glass Obscure Glass is categorized into three different types of obscure glass; minamally obscure glass, moderately obscure glass, and obscure glass.  This is to ensure that customers are looking through patterns that are closer to their preference of Bear Glass Obscure Glass.

What are the possibilities for Bear Glass Obscure Glass?
Bear Glass is customized for each and every customer.  Our obscure glass can be used for cabinets, windows, furtniture, shower doors and even frameless shower doors! For extra durability, our obscure glass could be laminated or tempered as well.  Laminated Glass is held together with a piece of plastic in between the two pieces of glasss.  Tempered Glass is heated in our ovens. Bear Glass will transform your idea into reality !

Bear Glass ships their Obscure Glass products worldwide. We do everything in glass.

For more information or to order your Obscure Glass please contact Bear Glass at:



Bear Glass Inc.

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If you are in New Jersey:

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Bevelrite Customers Are Now Being Serviced By Bear Glass

Bevel-Rite was a custom fabricator of mirror and plate glass that was located at 501 Prospect St. Unit 110  Lakewood, NJ 08701. In September 1980, they were the first beveling company in the the state of New Jersey and had grown to be a leading source to the glass and mirror industry.

Unfortunately because Bevelrite closed they’re doors this past year and their customers were left with few alternatives. The owner Jason Glago wanted to help his long standing customers with their glass and mirror business so he came to the best. He formed a relationship with upper management at Bear Glass and Bevelrite is now associated with Bear Glass.

Bevelrite used to fabricate high polished edges, beveled edges, miters, holes, and special cut outs, as well as ogee edges for special  shapes and circles and was a distributor of many different types of stock sizes of glass and mirror.

At Bear Glass we can do all of this plus a whole lot more. Bear Glass is a full Glass Fabricator in Brooklyn, NY. We are third generation glaziers. We are at our current location for over 30 years. Here we utilize over 25, 000 Sq. ft. to its maximum. We deliver to the tri-state area 5 days a week, with 5 trucks on the road daily. Also, we ship nationwide.

Bear Glass Inc. has been providing the country with the best quality, service and craftsmanship in the industry. We pride ourselves on our organization & the reputation we have built with our clientele. We strive to provide the best communication and reliability available while maintaining quality and craftsmanship. Here at Bear Glass we are very particular about who’s products we choose to offer. We are always concerned about the best interest of our customers & their ultimate satisfaction and we are offering our top representative to all former Bevelrite customers. Here is his contact info:

Position: Senior Account Representative

Address : 399 20th Street Brooklyn, New York 11215

Phone: 732-901-2626

Fax For Quotes: 732-901-2266 Attention Tom

E-mail For Quotes: Bevelrite@gmail.com

Here is what Tom can do for you: · Provide fast and reliable service  · Provide competitive quotes for your projects via fax or email for your convenience. · Increase market share, by having the ability to do customized work that could not be done locally. · Maximize your ROI by not subbing out any of our work·

Specialty Glass By Bear Glass In Brooklyn NY

For four generations, Bear Glass has been supplying the world’s finest specialty glass to architects, contractors, designers and home owners. Our stock of over 2, 000 varieties of specialty glass features architectural glass, cast glass, tempered glass, etched glass, antique glass, art glass / colored glass, restoration glass, back painted glass, patterned glass and more get used in unlimited applications. The incredible inventory together with decades of experience and service are the foundation of Bear Glass.

The unique finishing capability of Bear Glass keeps it ahead of all competition. We paint glass using our standard colors or can match the color you desire. Our paints are extremely durable and are architectural grade for indoor and outdoor use.

Bear Glass is also the largest distributor of Walker’s pattern acid etched specialty glass in nation. Pattern acid etched glass and mirror not only create a great visual effect but also textural effect, due to the depth variation of the design. We have available Pattern Acid Etch Glass in stock like: Pattern 101, Pattern 102, Pattern 103, Pattern 104 and 105. In Satin, Velour and Opaque finishes. We also have Patterns 301, 302, 303, 305 and 305.

Bear Glass also specializes in glue chip specialty glass. This attractive  Specialty Glass is created by applying hot glue to the sandblasted surface of annealed glass and as it dries, the glue shrinks and cools removing flakes of glass from the surface. This  specialty glass allows every design to be different, giving uniqueness to every piece of glass or mirror. Glue Chip s pecialty glass by Bear Glass is very popular for backgrounds in windows and cabinets and is especially beautiful combined with bevels and bevel clusters.

Bear Glass is one of the largest suppliers of specialty glass. While we are specialty fabricator, we do much more than create and etch designs on our customer’s glass. We supply glass for restaurant chains, commercial buildings and multiple facility construction projects all over. We supply superior specialty glass, custom mirrors and make specialty cuts, doing all the edgework and beveling, whatever the project calls for so all your glass and sign needs are taken care of.

Bear Glass ships   specialty glass products worldwide. We do everything on glass.

For more information or to order your specialty glass product, please contact Bear Glass at:

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Bear Glass Inc.


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Custom Cut Glass By Bear Glass

The beauty of a glass work depends on how it is cut. It may be a mirror glass, or a simple or designer door or window glass, may be table tops or cabinet doors. But how the cutting of it decides how it is going to look in your commercial or residential  decor.

Bear Glass is a fourth generation glass company and already proved its expertise in all facets of glass and mirror applications . Bear Glass can provide you   custom cut glass designs.

With the help of modern glass cutting tools, Bear Glass can provide accurate  custom cut glass, but glass cutting depends mostly on one’s idea of aesthetics. Our   glass cutting machines can help someone to cut a glass, but the design and beauty of a glass work is entirely dependent upon one’s personal view and ideas.

Bear Glass has a solution for every application:
Glass cut by hand in time honored tradition is available for those who crave old world artistry or for smaller pieces that require a personal touch.
CNC Glass Cutting Machine is computer controlled for a high degree of accuracy: to + or – 1/64“.
Laminated Glass Cutting Machine for quick, easy, and accurate cutting in one step.
Water Jet Cutting is suited to a wide range of materials; benefits also include minimal material waste in order to keep your cost low, additionally complex shapes can be custom made to a high degree of accuracy, cuts are burr free, the process is non-toxic, and lack of heat-related distortion means superior edge quality.
So whether you need custom shapes, sizes, or holes drilled, if its glass cutting you require look no further than Bear Glass for all your glass applications.
Nowadays in the modern world time there is a wide range of Glass Cut to Size.  Bear Glass supplies clear, patterned, mirror, satin, tinted, laminated, fire resistant, acid etched and more.All in various thicknesses ranging from 1/16” to 1”.

Custom cut glass by Bear Glass has massive use throughout the nation. It may be a custom tempered glass, may be a custom laminated glass for your tabletop or cabinet-top; Bear Glass can always assure that you will have the best product.

Any custom cut glass design can make your household or showroom look more attractive. Bear Glass is the glass company that guaranties you to provide the best and the unique product. So, for having the best custom cut glass product, your first choice should be Bear Glass.

You can choose your   custom cut glass tabletop, custom cut mirror or other custom cut glass or mirror applications, from Bear Glass.

Not being only your for your home interior or showroom needs, Bear Glass c ustom cut glass products  can change the look of your office building also. Custom cut glass doors or window, or even custom cut designed glass partitions can give your office or work-place a much modern and furnished look.

Bear Glass ships our  custom cut glass products worldwide.

WE  STOCK  1″ THICK GLASS. WE CAN CUSTOM CUT ANY SIZE GLASS AND MIRROR. For more information or to order your Bear Glass custom cut glass products, please contact us at:




Bear Glass Inc.

399 20th Street

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We have available hard to find specialty glass such as Antique Mirror, Pattern Glass, Starphire, Acid Etched, Heavy Glass (thick), Colored Glass, Painted Glass, and many others. Our Brooklyn, New York factory located in Park Slope carries a wide variety of specialty glass in stock and also available for special order to best suit your individual needs.See Our Products List

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Tempered Glass  We can temper your glass or ours.  We have a super quick turnaround. We can temper whatever you need.  Shower doors are our specialty.

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Insulated Units Are Moving at Bear!

Insulated Units at Bear!
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When Buying Glass, Buy American… Buy Bear Glass!!!

When trying to cut costs, many companies weigh their options with buying products overseas as opposed to buying American quality products. There are many things to consider when making your decision. Bear Glass is definitely biased when it comes to this subject  but we will try to stick with the facts in this article.

China’s manufacturing advantages remain formidable. With factory wages averaging $1.26 an hour, the mainland is still hard to beat for labor-intensive products such as toys and apparel. China is also rising fast in industries like solar power modules and cars, thanks to strong domestic demand and generous government incentives.

Cost is usually the major driver in a company’s decision to purchase parts and products from abroad. Yet in a 2008 Pricewaterhouse-Coopers survey of retail and consumer-goods companies, one-quarter of respondents said they could not quantify actual savings. Many tracked transportation, customs, and warehousing costs. But quality and reliability of vendors often went unmeasured.

I said it was tough to decide what to do about Chinese-made products if price matters. This led to an outcry from customers, who said among other things “you get what you pay for” and “have you thought about the poor living conditions of the people who make this cheap stuff?”

There is a simple truth to this debate:  It’s easy to stick with American-made when quality matters.


Now we do understand that Chinese labor is much cheaper. (The last I heard, a good glass worker in China makes about $300-$400 per month.) But Americans still do better work. They do it on time. They speak English. They understand what the word “quality” means. And, we don’t have to pay a 20% to 30% surcharge for shipping costs.

Like Bear Glass, a growing number of companies are moving beyond the usual considerations of labor and raw material costs in deciding where to produce goods to calculate the “total cost of ownership.” That means tallying expenses associated with things such as storage and delays. By this light, the so-called China price, which always seemed to be at least 40% below U.S. costs on everything from bedroom furniture to telecom gear, isn’t so low. In fact, China’s once-formidable edge in manufacturing has all but disappeared in some industries

Lots of other business owners are making the same discoveries that Bear Glass has mentioned. Language barriers, long delivery delays and confusion about how to produce the product to specifications are to name but a few.

We found a simple solution for our clients. Work with Bear Glass because we are a factory who speaks your language. Skip shipping hassles by buying inside your own country. And, work with people who understand what the word quality really means.

Bear Glass  is an all American company  that makes a better finished product than China for less money  based on quality and reliability.

For more information, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!


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