An Introduction To Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is kind of glass that’s created by sandwiching a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) inter layer between 2, or more, pieces of glass. The benefit of exploitation shatterproof glass is that it are often safer once broken over alternative varieties of glass. When broken, the glass adheres to the inter layer, rather than shattering and […]

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Built-In Mirrors Add Richness

mirrors wall

Featuring ancient glass panel: paneling, molding and mirrors. The modern glass panel mirror has been our focus for the week. The term “glass panel” refers to paneling generally, however a lot of specifically to the made, fancy moldings and paneling that was usually wont to produce a wainscoted impact in interiors. usually these same made moldings were wont […]

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Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

Happy New Year

This is our wish to you for a happy, healthy, and bright 2017. Thank you for being such a great blog community of interior designers, specifiers, glass shops, glass distributors, and glaziers. We are grateful to you, inspired by you, and glad to know you. Bear Glass looks forward to bringing you more varieties in […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Wish You All Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016. In this occasion install our glass and mirror products for your commercial and residential interior purpose. You can also give a glass or mirror product as a surprise gift to your family members, friends and loved one. Stay Safe & Keep Enjoying…… HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016……..

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