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Why Glass Table Tops Becoming More Popular

Why the glass table tops becoming more and more popular than other material? There is truly something to be said for a classic glass table top, the way the light reflects off it, and the air of openness it gives a room. It is truly a remarkable, cool, elegant piece of furniture for any kitchen, reception, living or dining room. It adds a brand new freshness and sensational appeal to any room whether it is home or commercial place. Maybe that is why more and more people are opting for glass table tops versus the traditional wood table.

Wood in its own essence is still very popular and elegant, but glass table tops are becoming all the rage in style and sophistication. First of all glass tops are very easy to wipe down, and clean. All you need is a little window cleaner and a towel and you have your beautiful glass shine back in order. Of course, scratching can happen or fingerprints can pile up. On the other hand, wood can scratch as well. It’s how you maintain your glass table top that will give you years of great use out of it. You can easily maintain the table by using placements or a clear cover and by using coasters. You can also use a tablecloth but, that does take away from the spatial beauty of the glass table tops. Be sure to take special care when using your utensils or dishes on your glass table because they may create scratches if used inappropriately, that is why it is best, while you are eating to use place-mats. Not only that, the durability of a glass table is just as durable as wood table and can last as long if properly maintained.

When choosing a glass table, keep in mind who in your home will be using it. Glass tables may not be suitable for young children who are still learning to use utensils and like to bang on things. Children between the ages of twelve and eighteen will be more responsible when using a glass table top. Also, keep in mind, what you plan to do at the table if it is for more formal dining or everyday dining. They make glass tables that meet either of these needs. Yet if you plan on doing bills or homework on them every day, you might want wood instead for a more comfortable feel. But the choice and preference are yours to make.

Glass table tops are great for rooms with a view as well. Especially if you can see a lake or a beautiful natural element from your room because you can see right through the table and it won’t hide or diminish the great view. A glass table only adds to the elegance of a beautiful and spatial room and view.

All in all, choosing a glass table top for your home is still very much a personal choice, that is becoming quite popular with many people these days. I suggest before buying a glass table to go to your local furniture dealer and see how they look and feel. Many of them are very elegant and it’s up to you to decide if it fits right in with your home decor and personality.


Do you have a beautiful wood dining table?

Are you worried about the damage that will happen over time?

Whether you want to cover an existing table or replace the broken glass on your old dresser or dinning table we can do it all. Bear Glass will come out to measure and view your table giving you the best solutions to fix your problem. If you have a current table where the glass is floating on a stand Bear Glass will come and take a template  tracing of your table and duplicate the piece to exactly the same measurement and thickness. You can also add a bevel to the edge for extra glamor or even change the color of the glass all together.

Hot pots knives, forks and plates will eventually take there toll on your new beautiful table. The best way to protect your fine furniture is to have a nice piece of clear glass placed right over the table. Covering your table with glass will  make it easier to clean and more hygienic. Eliminating any chance of food or beverage entering a porous surface or damaging a beautiful polished surface, thus ruining your table.

Floating glass is recommended to start at 6mm thick and toughened for your piece of mind. Glass thickness will very depending on the application you are using it for. If any damage was to happen it would also be alot easier to clean, as toughened glass will not shatter  or splinter like normal glass. This is a much safer option for a house hold with children, as we all know accidents do happen and its alway better to be safe  than sorry.

Bear Glass can manufacture glass table tops to compliment any dining table or coffee table or produce a replacement for a damaged glass tables. Any size or shape can be produced including simple  circles, squares or rectangles or somewhat more  complex shapes such as ovals, hexagons or other unusual designs. Bear Glass will manufacture your glass table top from your drawing or sizes or alternatively we can visit your home or business to measure if required. If your glass table is an unusual shape we can even make a precise template to ensure your table is an accurate size and shape.

Glass table covers tend to be generally six millimeters thick however they may be eight millimeters or even ten millimeters. Dining tables consisting of only a base and the glass top are generally eight to twelve millimeters and usually toughened safety glass. Tempered glass is multiple times stronger than ordinary glass and is used to ensure your safety if the glass is broken at any time.

Finishes to the edges of glass tables include  polished and bevelled depending on the design requirements. The most common shapes are square and rectangular with ninety-degree corners however overhanging edges of tables require round or radius corners to prevent sharp corners causing injuries.

If you require a  glass table top in New York , New Jersey , Connecticut , or Pennsylvania call Bear Glass to obtain an over the phone quotation. All of our glass products are manufactured using the latest glass machine technology to provide an unmatched quality in the glass industry.

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