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ClearShield Glass Protection by Bear Glass

The idea of  ClearShield began in 1982, in London.  ClearShield is a new technology that is used for glass surface protection. This technology was actually introduced to the marine industry as the marines got to work with harsh environments. Presently the upgraded technology of  ClearShield is also used in commercial and residential glass and window applications.

ClearShield system helps to protect your glass surface. Metal rust, water spots make your glass surface hasty and unclear. Mostly the window glasses and shower doors suffer from such problems as they remain exposed to water or the environment.  ClearShield helps  save glass surfaces from any kind of stain or watermark and make it look like the new.

Bear Glass is a fourth generation glass and mirror company and has proven its expertise in all kinds of glass work. Bear Glass promotes the usage of  ClearShield technology when purchasing products that may be susceptible to water damage overtime so that it can be ensured that the glass lasts longer no matter where it is placed, be it a window glass or a shower door,   ClearShield we feel is your answer .

Protection with ClearShield is the ideal solution for sandblasted and acid-etched glass as it resists fingerprinting and staining, while maintaining the beautiful appearance of decorative glass.

Now if you are wondering about how  ClearShield works on your sandblasted items,   ClearShield creates a cover or protection on the glass surface that prevents other hazardous materials from damaging the glass. The polymeric resin provides the protection for the glass from any kind of chemical reaction and helps to keep it clean.

Bear Glass uses  ClearShield technology for their glass products. Shower doors by Bear Glass or window glass by  Bear Glass can be protected by  ClearShield glass protection. Before delivering, these products are always been tested by experts to know whether these products are going to give you the best what  Bear Glass always promises to you.

ClearShield technology does not only prevent your bathroom shower glass or windows from getting stained with water-marks or rusts, but it also enriches the strength of the glass  for long periods of time.  ClearShield coats over glass ensure a clean view through the glass, along with the environmental hygiene inside the room as the cover does not let the germs in or the bacterium grow on the glass surface.

Bear Glass recommends the advanced  ClearShield technology for glass so that you can expect  the best effect e when you order your glass products products from  Bear Glass.

Bear Glass is always here to help you with all your glass and mirror needs.  We do everything on glass.

Bear Glass ships all kinds of glass products nation-wide. For more information or to order your glass product, please contact  Bear Glass at:



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What Is Sandblasted Glass?

Sandblasting glass is becoming a very popular method of etching glass nowadays. Sandblasting is the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity so that it can clean a surface or etch a surface. Sandblasting glass can result most elusive art work on glass.

Bear Glass provides the best service in Sandblasting glass. With modern sandblasting glass equipment, Bear Glass can provide the best art and craft-work of Sandblasted glass.


In the process of preparing Sandblasted glass there are two techniques to be followed, glass-etching and glass-carving. Glass-etching is when abrasive is blasted on the glass lightly to give it a frosty appearance. On the other hand, Carving is when steadily sandblasting is done to the surface of a glass using stencil which protects the areas those are opted not to be carved out. The technique of sandblasting for carving a glass can be much nuanced with differing depths and angels of cuts creating an array of lighting effects which is really beautiful.


Sandblasted glass can change your idea of designing. Usage of glass indeed makes things look more attractive, and sandblasting glass can join another positive point in there if you fascinate beauty.

Sandblasting glass have massive usage to enhance the overall look of offices, variety stores or designer show-rooms, or you can even use it to give your home a modern and sophisticated look. The etchings on glass due to the process of sandblasting make wonderful details to the front doors or kitchen cabinets.

The frosted appearance or different textures of sandblasted glass give glasses a very different look which does not allow them getting smudged by repeated touching. Sandblasting glass can provide you  various designs that you never expected possible on a glass surface.

Sandblasting glass can create an elegant art-work. A good number of modern artists have tried their elegant pieces of art-work by using  sandblasted glass.

Changing design would not only make your workplace or living-place look better, but it would help to change your normal mood to a charming one as well also. We have used sandblasted glass in our office which has dramatically affected the mood of our senior staff.


Bear Glass has proved its expertise on all facets of glass for more than 30 years. Artwork that can change the view of your office or can make your home or apartment more beautiful. With the help of modern sandblasting equipment, Bear Glass can impress  with rare but elegant pieces of craftsmanship by  sandblasting glass.


Bear Glass can help you design your sandblasted glass needs to best fit for your project . We ship sandblasted glass worldwide.

For more information or to order your sandblasted glass products, please contact Bear Glass at:



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