4 Ways That Bear Glass Can Customize Your Message Board

Bear Glass is a leading manufacturer of message boards throughout the United States. We realize message boards are growing in popularity as more and more designers become familiar with them. Glass is non-ghosting, provides good contrast, is easy to clean of  all types of markers (including permanent), and adds a higher end look for corporate environments.Previously  we wrote about our custom color capabilities and quality features, but today I want to speak about the artistic side of Bear Glass‘ use of Dreamwalls Color Glass to add extra beauty and value to your message board.

There are many different features in a glass message boards that can help you create the exact look – and function – desired for a corporate look, Bear Glass and Dreamwalls Color Glass has created the “gold standard” in message boards for these environments. Below are 4 different ways that Bear Glass can make the dry erase board of your design dreams:

  1. Tempering
  2. Magnetization
  3. Cut outs
  4. Graphics

Bear Glass ships their Message Boards worldwide. We do everything in glass.

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