Common Mirror Resilvering Questions

Frequently asked Mirror Re-silvering questions

Q: Is re-silvering needed?

A: Sometimes mirrors appear to be dirty or streaked on the front surface. The silvering on the back has no problem. So clean the mirror surface properly to check that it has no damage on the front surface.

Q: Is it possible to re-silver a small portion of the mirror?

A: Yes, it is possible to re-silver a portion of your mirror to re-silver. Unfortunately, satisfactory results are not guaranteed and are not always achieved by doing so. If you want the best result a complete re-silvering of the mirror is recommended.

Q: How long does Re-silvering last?

A: The re-silvering should last for decades. However, we can’t control the conditions in which mirrors are hung or mounted. Bathroom mirrors or other mirrors subject to excessive moisture has higher chances of getting disturbed quicker than mirrors in the bed room or other places.

Q: What is used to silver the surface of the mirror?

A: In Earlier mirror making silver was used to coat the glass surface. But in more recent times sputtering powdered aluminum or other compounds have been used in the place of silver. Therefore today, this process is also known as aluminizing. Which makes this service more cost effective.

Q: What if the edge of the m irror has Deterioration?

A: This is very common, frequently occurring on bathroom mirrors where moisture has puddled on the edges. It might not have been installed or sealed properly in the first place. If the mirror is large simple rectangle without bevels it will be cheaper to buy a new mirror than to have it re-silvered. One solution for the problem is to cut off the damaged area and then remount the mirror. Bear Glass also provides mirror cutting services for any thickness.

Q: Does Silver Paint touch up works as re-silvering?

A: No, It doesn’t. Using paint for re-silvering a mirror will get disappointing results. Mirror re-silvering process does involve many steps and techniques that is not possible at home unless you have the proper knowledge.

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