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The beauty of a glass work depends on how it is cut. It may be a mirror glass, or a simple or designer door or window glass, may be table tops or cabinet doors. But how the cutting of it decides how it is going to look in your commercial or residential  decor.

Bear Glass is a fourth generation glass company and already proved its expertise in all facets of glass and mirror applications . Bear Glass can provide you   custom cut glass designs.

With the help of modern glass cutting tools, Bear Glass can provide accurate  custom cut glass, but glass cutting depends mostly on one’s idea of aesthetics. Our   glass cutting machines can help someone to cut a glass, but the design and beauty of a glass work is entirely dependent upon one’s personal view and ideas.

Bear Glass has a solution for every application:
Glass cut by hand in time honored tradition is available for those who crave old world artistry or for smaller pieces that require a personal touch.
CNC Glass Cutting Machine is computer controlled for a high degree of accuracy: to + or – 1/64“.
Laminated Glass Cutting Machine for quick, easy, and accurate cutting in one step.
Water Jet Cutting is suited to a wide range of materials; benefits also include minimal material waste in order to keep your cost low, additionally complex shapes can be custom made to a high degree of accuracy, cuts are burr free, the process is non-toxic, and lack of heat-related distortion means superior edge quality.
So whether you need custom shapes, sizes, or holes drilled, if its glass cutting you require look no further than Bear Glass for all your glass applications.
Nowadays in the modern world time there is a wide range of Glass Cut to Size.  Bear Glass supplies clear, patterned, mirror, satin, tinted, laminated, fire resistant, acid etched and more.All in various thicknesses ranging from 1/16” to 1”.

Custom cut glass by Bear Glass has massive use throughout the nation. It may be a custom tempered glass, may be a custom laminated glass for your tabletop or cabinet-top; Bear Glass can always assure that you will have the best product.

Any custom cut glass design can make your household or showroom look more attractive. Bear Glass is the glass company that guaranties you to provide the best and the unique product. So, for having the best custom cut glass product, your first choice should be Bear Glass.

You can choose your   custom cut glass tabletop, custom cut mirror or other custom cut glass or mirror applications, from Bear Glass.

Not being only your for your home interior or showroom needs, Bear Glass c ustom cut glass products  can change the look of your office building also. Custom cut glass doors or window, or even custom cut designed glass partitions can give your office or work-place a much modern and furnished look.

Bear Glass ships our  custom cut glass products worldwide.

WE  STOCK  1″ THICK GLASS. WE CAN CUSTOM CUT ANY SIZE GLASS AND MIRROR. For more information or to order your Bear Glass custom cut glass products, please contact us at:




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