Glass Etching By Sandblasting Glass


Bear Glass provides the service of sandblasting glass.  Sandblasting glass is becoming one of the very popular methods of etching glass.  Sandblasting glass can result in producing the most elegant etching on glass.  There are various techniques used in sandblasting glass that can create works of art as a finished product.

Sandblasting glass is a special glass treatment with the smallest abrasive particles that are forwarded together with an air stream at a special chamber.

A creative and decorative way of decorating glass is by enhancing it by the sandblasting glass method.  Basically, a matt image is being etched into a glass or mirror surface.

Sandblasting glass is also known as sandcarving. This method allows a greater control method to produce the highest quality work.  The process of sandblasting glass uses the same steps of producing any etching stencil but the material usually needs to be thicker to withstand the pressure of abrasive blasting as sandblasting glass does.  The sandblasting glass method takes place by blasting abrasive from the sandblaster over the stencil resist material.  This is all powered by the supplied air from the air compressor.  The glass becomes eroded to create a frosted elegant design.

Glass etching via sandblasting glass is a beautiful and elegant method of creating a graphic design on the surface of an otherwise smooth piece of glass. Etched and carved glass has been widely used throughout history, being found in upscale banks, hotels, residences, restaurants and theaters. The resulting etched surface can then be embellished even further with color to produce an even more impressive end result.

Sandblasting glass is the perfect addition to glass doors.  The etchings make wonderful details to front doors or kitchen cabinets.  Bear Glass can help you design your sandblasting glass needs to best fit your project or overall design goal.  Sandblasting glass can provide you with design alternatives that you did not think were possible.

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