In Offices 7 Ways to Use Glass

Modern work style needed to adopt in the Modern Offices, which require designs that are unique to each corporate culture, while still allowing for what the future may bring. The main two design elements always strive to maximize, A) space and B) light. Each element influences the other in perception.

If a space is designed with optimum working light, it feels more roomy and spacious . If a space is designed well to maximize its space, light can flow more easily within it. Glass can play an important part of office design. Here are just a few ways where glass used for smart office designs.

1)      Cabinetry

Regardless of the business, there are always paper work that needs to be stored away. Client files, samples, catalogs and Sales collateral are greatly reduced, but never going away completely. Thanks to the online world. Back-Painted glass or Acid Etched glass are the best ways to keep them hidden from view, but still at top of mind.

2)      Office Dividers

Some people works better with some amount of privacy than open plan workspaces. Glass office dividers offer light transmission and privacy without feeling closed off from the rest of the group. Acid Etched Glass are the best option for office divider.

3)      Branded Signage

Glass sparkles and dazzles. Nothing is more professional presentation of your brand than in glass. Signage are made by using back-painted glass.

4)      Desktops

Color brings an office together and a desktop surface made of Back-painted Glass

is practical and can be final element , which turns a drab workspace into a glad workspace.

5)      Marker boards

Magnetized or not, marker boards are non staining and even any permanent markers can be cleaned off. So  top secret project can stay up for weeks or even months, and come off clean when the project is done.  Color Glass are used for making Marker board

6)      Break rooms

Backsplashes and countertops of glass are non-staining and easy to keep clean. They’re perfect for the break rooms where celebrations end up happening and cleanup needs to be simple.

7)      Reception Desks

The lobby needs to be easy to clean and keep clean regardless of the public served, while adding a pop of color. Back-painted glass is a classic way to accomplish. In lobby, desk  can be custom matched to any color specification .

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