Specialty Glass By Bear Glass In Brooklyn NY

For four generations, Bear Glass has been supplying the world’s finest specialty glass to architects, contractors, designers and home owners. Our stock of over 2, 000 varieties of specialty glass features architectural glass, cast glass, tempered glass, etched glass, antique glass, art glass / colored glass, restoration glass, back painted glass, patterned glass and more get used in unlimited applications. The incredible inventory together with decades of experience and service are the foundation of Bear Glass.

The unique finishing capability of Bear Glass keeps it ahead of all competition. We paint glass using our standard colors or can match the color you desire. Our paints are extremely durable and are architectural grade for indoor and outdoor use.

Bear Glass is also the largest distributor of Walker’s pattern acid etched specialty glass in nation. Pattern acid etched glass and mirror not only create a great visual effect but also textural effect, due to the depth variation of the design. We have available Pattern Acid Etch Glass in stock like: Pattern 101, Pattern 102, Pattern 103, Pattern 104 and 105. In Satin, Velour and Opaque finishes. We also have Patterns 301, 302, 303, 305 and 305.

Bear Glass also specializes in glue chip specialty glass. This attractive  Specialty Glass is created by applying hot glue to the sandblasted surface of annealed glass and as it dries, the glue shrinks and cools removing flakes of glass from the surface. This  specialty glass allows every design to be different, giving uniqueness to every piece of glass or mirror. Glue Chip s pecialty glass by Bear Glass is very popular for backgrounds in windows and cabinets and is especially beautiful combined with bevels and bevel clusters.

Bear Glass is one of the largest suppliers of specialty glass. While we are specialty fabricator, we do much more than create and etch designs on our customer’s glass. We supply glass for restaurant chains, commercial buildings and multiple facility construction projects all over. We supply superior specialty glass, custom mirrors and make specialty cuts, doing all the edgework and beveling, whatever the project calls for so all your glass and sign needs are taken care of.

Bear Glass ships   specialty glass products worldwide. We do everything on glass.

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